Credits Blockchain Platform: For Scalable DApps and Swift Transactions

Published : Jan 09, 2019

Credits Blockchain Platforms

  • Credits Blockchain Platform

    Credits is a public, fast, and completely decentralized blockchain platform with Turing-complete smart contracts.

    The beta version released in March 2018, with the mainnet platform released in June 2018, Credits Blockchain platform is an innovative technological platform for the development and execution of blockchain technology and smart contracts based decentralized applications.

    During the first stage of the Credits Blockchain Platform load test, its transaction speed reached 1.3 million transactions per second.

    Credits Node

    A Node refers to as a client-side application installed on the user equipment. The Node performs the storage and processing of transactions, the deployment, and confirmation of the smart contract conditions, and provides data upon the request.

    Credits Monitor

    It is a blockchain explorer that contains current and previous transactions, as well as smart contracts on the network.

    Explore your transactions history

    Credits Monitor is a multifunctional web-based tool used to monitor the transaction history of all network members, circulation of nodes globally and gathering of general statistics.

    • The number of network nodes
    • Details of the execution of the transactions
    • Transactions details of a specific account
    • Information about the smart contract
    • Transactions list for the specific smart contract
    • Performance and status of smart contracts

    Credits Wallet

    Credits Wallet enables you to transfer currency to other network members (CS internal currency or tokens) without requiring to install the Network Node and use existing smart contracts available in the network registry.
    Written in Java, this electronic wallet is accessible using public and private keys.

    Attributes of Credits Blockchain Platform

    Developments undergoing the patenting:

    • New Credits Decision Consensus Algorithm

    Credits Blockchain uses a completely unique consensus and decision method based on data processing and multiple validations with strong implementation solution.

    • Credits Transmission Data Protocol

    It offers an innovative high-speed data Transmission Protocol within a decentralized network. That is capable of executing transactions from 0.1 sec per transaction.

    • Credits Data Validation Algorithm

    Based on high-security cryptography algorithms, it gives a different block and transaction validation and confirmation solution.

    Latest characteristics

    The blockchain platform is open source with self-sufficient smart contracts.
    It aims to create services for blockchain systems using self-automatic smart contracts with a public data registry.

    Speed: Transaction processing speed around 0.1 seconds

    Fees: Approx. 0.001 USD

    Volume: 1.3 Million transactions per sec

    Credits Blockchain Based Applications and Solutions

    Develop decentralized applications and services using Credits blockchain solutions.

    Smart contracts

    Autonomous solutions

    • Run as per the method and the requirements specified in the program
    • Execute any external or internal commands and actions
    • Make offline actions on a cycle, schedule, event or on call by the user

    Credits advantages

    • The complete Turing programming language of smart contracts.
    • Connect external systems to a smart contract.
    • The smart contract’s language backs loops and task scheduling.

    Storing data on the blockchain

    • Superfast writing and reading information
    • Access from the API Distribution or Credits client software between numerous nodes.
    • Data encryption and its hiding gets written to the blockchain*

    Credits Blockchain Platform features

    • Store information in a network having decentralized administration
    • Store information with guaranteed invariability
    • Store information open or personal data encryption
    • Store data with free or exclusive access to information

    Financial assets issuing

    • A single, adaptable solution inner and outer of the platform
    • Efficient moving of assets between accounts and products
    • Implement any algorithms of the asset operation with smart contracts

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