Cryptocurrency Exchange Development | Crucial Aspects to Consider

Published : Jul 15, 2020

Crypto Exchange Development

  • Cryptocurrency exchange development is lucrative, profitable, and rewarding. But, how do you start building the cryptocurrency exchange? Let us share some important details with you to avoid common pitfalls during crypto exchange development.

    Software Selection | Crypto Exchange Development

    When you attempt to make use of the software to develop your cryptocurrency exchange, you get three options on the trot:

    Developing Your Software

    Well, to get started, this is one of the hectic tasks, because you need a special team panel to handle the project. The project will be successfully rendered if each of the team members has expertise in the area of understanding the software and are familiar with the process of its operations.

    They must properly interpret each of the components. Another aspect to remember is the amount of time and budget required to create an application. According to a forecast, depending on the project the time taken would be about 3 to 6 months or even more.

    Open Source Model

    In the second choice, you need to make clear what supporting tools you have to have to develop the exchange. The role of developers here is to improve the codes, for which, they first search the bugs wherever possible and then rectify or modify the errors.

    Proprietary Software

    Well, to be honest, the third option is the easiest among the three to use, special readymade software. It is because developers can develop and customize the exchange software to suit your needs.

    Here the research is performed in advance and one of the other benefits is to avoid the need for continuous maintenance. You just have to make a few settings, as needed by the project.

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    Crucial Aspects to Consider | Crypto Exchange Development

    User Account System Creation

    Your first move is to build a user account program, as you need a cryptocurrency wallet to hold all the electronic money. The choice must be given to the user; whether or not he sends out the money.

    Since you are developing an exchange, there is also a need to regulate the transaction according to market position. If it is modular development, then even the minute details have to be considered.

    Payment Processing

    The payment processing facility is an important element to keep in mind. You need the support of a secure payment processor such as a bank and payment gateway API, so customers can send or withdraw money without any trouble.

    Trading Kernel

    If you want to execute your cryptocurrency exchange seamlessly, then you also need trading kernel support and assistance that helps to create order books to perform the transactions and check the balance amount. This is a vital tool in this cycle and without a trading kernel, you can't go any further.

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    User-Friendly UI

    Another important thing you need to concentrate on is having a user-friendly UI interface so you can attract more customers. It is important that all devices, namely smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc., need to be easily supported by UI design.

    Support of Cryptocurrency

    So, when you're creating a cryptocurrency exchange, determining how many cryptocurrencies your exchange will support becomes crucial. There are around 1500 cryptocurrencies according to the study and their numbers are growing.

    It's obvious that if your exchange supports multiple types of digital currencies then your investments will increase. Competition is also rising; so take the decision accordingly.

    Developing a Cryptocurrency Wallet

    Creating a cryptocurrency wallet is one of the crucial tasks that need to be done. Those wallets will store the digital coins. It needs an improved protection infrastructure that can increase customer confidence factor. The wallets come in two categories: hot and cold.

    Admin Control

    An admin control panel manages various operations of a cryptocurrency exchange platform. However, its features can be customized to suit business needs. You can change the trading fees and keep the list of cryptocurrencies and add new ones.

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    Other Crucial Aspects | Crypto Exchange Development


    It is one of the cryptocurrency industry's biggest problems. Exchanges are constantly at risk from hacks, theft, and pump-and-dump schemes. Therefore one of the most important things to do before choosing your crypto-shop(s) is to do your homework.

    Web Protocol Security

    Web protocols that use Lackluster are most vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Implement the following security headers to make your exchange safer than 29 percent of other platforms that lack those headers.

    • HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS): Helps ensure HTTPS protocols are in place for all browsing sessions
    • X-Frame-Options: Impedes the embedding of your content into other websites, defending against clickjacking attacks
    • Content Security Policy (CSP): Helps alleviate the risk of XSS attacks by allowing the header to determine which dynamic resources may be loaded.
    • X-XXX-Protection: Prevents attacks by cross-site scripting.

    .Liquidity Management

    Liquidity is an important factor for the growth of a crypto-currency industry, but it is one of the most critical problems of newly developed crypto-currency exchanges. Your crypto-currency exchange should be enticing enough to draw investors and traders to provide sufficient liquidity. To curb the liquidity problem, there are various ways to treat it effectively. With the support of implementing an API interface that shares details about the trading volume between your cryptocurrency exchange and another existing exchange of Bitcoin. It can also boost liquidity role by being a part of a large cryptocurrency exchange network.

    Customer Support

    Courteous and professional support team with real profile details is one of the sure signs that the crypto-currency exchange is trustworthy. Always look for the best service provider for cryptocurrency exchange development that has problem solvers that can give users satisfactory solutions.

    Solve Legal Issues

    Most cryptocurrency exchanges are working without a license. You should think about acquiring a license before starting an exchange. You need to decide if the exchange works globally, or with just a few countries. Your crypto-currency exchange must comply with the laws of each country in which it operates. Many governments also mandate all financial firms to comply with the laws of KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) to avoid illicit intentions. That means getting customer identity documents and keeping a record of the same that you need to integrate into the exchange. To name a few, Singapore, Malta, Canada, Switzerland, Japan, Mexico, and Liechtenstein are trustworthy jurisdictions and most crypto-friendly countries.

    To sum up, we outlined the important aspects that you need to learn before you embark on the journey for crypto exchange platform development. If you want to set up your venture as a successful crypto company, let our crypto development team assist you.

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