How to Use Discord Marketing for NFT Promotion

Published : Mar 27, 2022

Discord Marketing

  • The digital world has seen a major upsurge in NFT marketing and Discord communities with the early 2020s NFT surge. People can access numerous NFT Discord communities. However, finding the right one is quite challenging.

    Marketers, artists, and supporters use Discord to get the latest NFT airdrops and activities. They also use this platform for marketing their NFT artworks and creating communities of NFT enthusiasts.

    In this article, we will go over all the advantages of Discord marketing. And how you can use it to promote NFT projects, backed by NFT development services.

    Understanding Discord

    Discord is a social media network focused on the community that works with Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. Discord's Server is its key feature. It lets users create both public and private servers.

    Server owners must send the invite link to those they want to add to the server in order to allow others to join. Discord helps its users develop communities in a way that enables them to concentrate on their target audiences.

    People can use the platform to promote their NFTs and persuade NFT enthusiasts to purchase them. Discord users require a clearly defined group of consumers who are predisposed to purchase NFTs.

    Our Discord promotion services for NFTs include setting up the server, locating NFT fans, devising marketing plans and campaigns, putting them into action, and then continuing to track them to improve them. You can use our all-inclusive NFT Discord promotion services to promote your NFTs overall.

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    What makes Discord a Good Choice for NFT Marketing

    Due to its distinctive features and cross-platform support, Discord has recently become a favorite medium for NFT promotion. Discord would be the ideal starting point for your marketing efforts if you're wanting to attract potential customers for your NFT projects. It only takes a few simple steps to set up a community server and create a Discord account.

    The Discord server can help businesses reach a wider audience and increase their income. Discord is now home to a sizable number of crypto and NFT fans. Thus, it is easier than ever to sell crypto and promote special NFTs with the platform.

    Additionally, server bots can help businesses with simple customer inquiries from both current and potential clients. Thus, it saves a lot of time. Businesses can launch a marketing campaign for their NFT projects with any version of the Discord app.

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    Features of NFT Discord Promotion Services


    The server has multiple centralized speech and text channels. Users can configure those channels in the same way that users can personalize servers.

    Call and Share a Screen

    Discord users have access to screen sharing and video calling features. Notably, the video conference call may accommodate up to 10 participants. Additionally, users can use the screen-sharing function by participating in the video call inside the relevant server.


    File-sharing feature in Discord enables users to share file sizes.  It depends on whether the user has the free or paid version (Nitro).


    Individual servers can add bots. Then, users can give those bots jobs like greeting users and responding to their questions.

    Text Messages

    Users can send and receive messages with other Server users. They can also start group conversations and share screens using the direct messaging (DM) capability.

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    How to use Discord to Promote your NFTs

    To advertise your NFTs through NFT Discord marketing, you must take the following steps:

    Build a New Server

    Before you may sell your digital NFT artworks on your Discord server, you must first set up your server. Fill out the required fields on the login screen.

    If you've never used Discord before, fill out the registration form. After logging in, look for the "Add" option on the provided page to start building your NFT community.

    Ask People to Subscribe to your Channel

    You can invite users from other social media platforms or people who already use Discord to join your server. Simply share the URL of your community server with your friends or send out direct messages.


    Check to see if the server abides by all Discord server rules. Make it a lively, interactive service with dialogues and discussions. It enables users to get in touch with influencers and creators and discuss their work.

    Bring Channels in Order

    Discord users can utilize community servers as a space to communicate creatively via voice and text. Only the administrator has the authority to create and manage channels. So, you must be the server administrator to activate community channels. 

    Discord Channel Sharing

    Sharing the Server's link on your social networks helps you gain more subscribers (like Twitter and Reddit).

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    Discord Marketing Services

    Discord marketing services improve the requirements for creating a worthwhile community. One method to create a vibrant community on Discord is to offer members-only services.

    Many of the services on offer are customizable to your unique needs. We carefully curate them to position your business as an industry leader. We tend to provide what you tend to receive, and everything is, in some way, affordable.


    Now that you can advertise your NFTs on Discord, you can sell them to influencers or creators for a profit. Don't forget to sign up for extra top-notch NFT community servers. Doing so enables you to connect with a larger audience who might be interested in your work.

    For information about how to get started with NFT Discord marketing, connect with our skilled digital marketers. 

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