How to Develop DAO-enabled NFT

Published by : Pankaj | Jun-22-2022

DAO-Enabled NFT

  • The DAO-enabled NFT has raised the scope for entrepreneurs to grow their competing NFT businesses. It is astounding to say how GIFs, video clips, and pictures are fetching good money. Currently, people are more fascinated with buying digital lands and houses, and business brands are selling virtual clothes and cosmetics. With such overwhelming demand for the NFT market, the expectation is that by 2025, the market cap income for NFT development will reach $80 billion.


    Lately, NFTs have been redefining many industries through digital assets tokenization, building global opportunities for traders, investors, and enterprises. Across the different NFT marketplaces, users are millions of NFTs are developed, minted, bought, and sold daily. Also, delivering these functionalities to users, each NFT marketplace platform is unique. However, in some cases, the platform solely concentrated on the trading marketplace proposal where an individual can exhibit their collectibles via NFTs and further engage in NFT trading. Also, other NFT platforms grant users to take part in different NFT games, mint NFTs using ecosystem tools, or stake their NFTs to generate rewards.

    Moreover, the NFT platforms reinvent themselves with trending innovations and ideas. For instance, NFT platforms are now adopting DAO(decentralized autonomous organization) model for the purpose they serve. Also, to overcome its potential consequences and end the bureaucracy, DAO helps NFT. The DAO-enabled platform is more targeted at user interests and distribution of power regularity among the members’ basis on how many platform native tokens or the NFT they hold. Apart from all these, the DAO shows some exceptional futuristic power for NFT-based concepts such as Metaverse and “play-to-earn” games. So let’s dive into DAO and its features in regulating NFT platforms.

    What are DAOs, and why is it better?

    The universal fact is that if you are willing to know about anything, first understand its fundamentals. So for diving into the DAO-enabled NFT platform, firstly, we take a look at DAO and its governance.

    DAO stands for decentralized autonomous organization and its regulation is through embedded rules in a computer program known as a smart contract. Also, the decentralized structure allows them to not take any authoritative bodies to govern and run on a blockchain ecosystem.

    The concept of a group of people seeking other like-minded people to collaborate and establish an autonomous social organization all over the world seems challenging to many, but DAO makes it possible. Moreover, DAO use can be in the form of the internet as a medium to communicate and organize themselves in a trusted environment, share values, and regulate organizations. The inclusion of DAO ends the hierarchy and automates decisions by authorizing everyone to take part, vote on the operational decision, and contribute DAOs management. Also, about the structure of the project, technology, and modulus Operandi, there is the following major division that DAO chooses to reinforce:

    DAOs Protocol

    For implementing decision regarding protocol changes, DAOs uses a voting mechanism to implement.

    Operating system

    For creating and establishing their own DAO, a standalone platform like Colony helps enterprises.

    DAOs service

    A project like MetaverseDAO offers individuals and agencies to adjust talent hunting and acquisition for enterprises’ operations and individuals.

    DAOs investment

    For different defi projects, it supports pooling and investing operations.

    Social DAOs

    For social networks and engagement, it supports decentralized platforms.

    Collector DAOs

    To provide fractional and complete ownership of the NFTs, the collector DAO  regulates the NFT platforms. It allows 

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    How does DAO-enabled NFT benefit the user?

    Some points show how DAO-enabled NFT provides benefits to users:

    Benefit of Ownership

    For the NFT platform, DAO act as a decision-making tool. While the presence of NFT platforms is immense with diverse varieties, the popularity of gaming-based NFT platforms continues to rise. Let’s dive into how the involvement of DAO makes gaming NFT beneficial for users.

    DAO enables the user to get the right to review policies regarding content moderation, assets policy, and auctions.

    To bring autonomy, DAO owns the smart contract and digital assets (NFTs) and pulls out the concept of CEO and leadership.

    Provide an opportunity to stake their NFT and the native token in the dApps to generate rewards.

    Users keep complete command over their NFT even when staking and supplying these to the liquidity pool.

    For the underlying governance of the NFT platform, the user can propose any changes via voting.

    Voting power

    The governance model and ownership policy are two terms that make differences in DAO-enabled NFT and regular NFTs platforms. With the use of the DAO-enabled NFT platform, users can take part in crucial decisions through voting in just three stages:


    Votes submitted


    The utilization of votes that they receive from the community will be to change the existing rules and policies of the NFT platform.

    Income and rewards

    The gaming-based NFT platform craze continues to rise because these platforms are adventurous and generate many rewards. DAO will enable the NFT platform user to propose such an opportunity as NFT staking. Also, these NFT staking helps NFT holders to earn passive income. Moreover, without transferring their ownership of NFTs to others, this helps unlock their NFTs and NFT tokens into the liquidity pool.

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    Use cases of DAO-enabled NFT platform

    The working of the DAO-enabled NFT platform is similar to other NFT platforms, and their use cases are also extensive. Take a look at the domain where they are looking on,

    NFT gaming

    NFT digital collectibles

    Trading marketplaces

    Real estate

    Sports NFT platform

    Asset cycle management

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    The concept and technology that DAO holds can transform the structure of the legacy business. It is by pulling out centralized leadership and empowering member-owned communities and said to be the future of work. DAO is recent advancement that receives much more acclaim in the market. DAO can support anything that ranges from the NFT marketplace to metaverse projects.

    We are the right partner that can help you if you are looking to develop a DAO-enabled NFT platform. Please feel free to connect with our blockchain experts to know more.

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