Pre-Built NFT and Smart Contract Solutions for Quick Launch

Published : Nov 15, 2022

Pre-Built NFT and Smart Contract Solutions

  • Given the fierce competition in the blockchain, crypto, and NFT space,  developing NFT and smart contract solutions from scratch might not be a wise idea. Because the NFT-verse, powered by blockchain development services and smart contracts, is a dynamically evolving space. It is highly likely that by the time you get ready with your developed solution for an NFT trend, like minting, staking, or trading, it will have passed. Additionally, numerous popular platforms have already occupied a majority of the NFT audience, like OpenSea, Sorare, and more. Therefore, it is imperative to enter the market without delay, and that too, with highly advanced NFT and smart contract solutions to capitalize on the trends in this competitive market. But how to launch an NFT or smart contract solution with all the market-leading features in no time? Not Whitelabel but opting for pre-built NFT and smart contract solutions is the answer.

    Let us dive into details about how pre-built solutions can save business enthusiasts from development woes and challenges.  

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    What is a Pre-Built Solution/Module 

    A pre-built solution/module is an already developed and tested basic architecture of a technology solution. It enables a business enthusiast to quickly modify, add, or remove a few features according to the business requirements. It proves time efficient, as it saves developers from researching, strategizing, and developing a fundamental architecture from scratch. A newly developed solution and a pre-built suite of modules have their own advantages. One should opt for either method based on the need to market and other critical business requirements. However, let us take a quick look at what both methods entail.

    Developing NFT and Smart Contracts from Scratch Vs/ Pre-Built Modules

    Starting from Scratch

    • Proves expensive, time-consuming, and complicated due to the prolonged development process(3-6 months) 
    • Prone to risks like delayed time to market and development mistakes 
    • Requires constant efforts to identify security and operational issues

    Integrated Solutions

    • Easy, affordable, and quick solution setup (1-3 Weeks)
    • Reassurance with already rigorously tested and developed solutions
    • Easy modification or customization of components like the front-end and the back-end of a solution, including other key elements
    • Checked for operational and security flaws before deployment

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    Pre-Built NFT and Smart Contract Solutions by Oodles

    At Oodles, our R&D and developers teams analyzed the trends related to NFT and smart contracts. They found that developing applications from scratch proves time-consuming and costly. Additionally, every time a new project is acquired, it requires the repetition of the development process to a certain extent. 

    To tackle the challenge, our blockchain experts developed pre-built solutions/modules. They understood the need to enter the blockchain and crypto space without delay. Thus, they developed a few ready-to-deploy smart contracts and NFT solutions. These solutions comprise prefabricated components and features. Each solution is similar to a fundamental architecture of a new project. One only has to configure it as per market and business requirements and launch it. You can either launch one solution or offer them as a combined bundle. Now, let us explore what each NFT and smart contract solution offer.   

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    Ready-to-Deploy NFT Solutions

    Pre-built NFT solutions

    The following ready-to-launch solutions include an NFT minting platform, an NFT marketplace, and an NFT staking platform to capitalize on the NFT hype. Choosing one or all of them shortens your time to market drastically. They can be used as a stand-alone solution or developed into a full-featured platform.

    NFTs Minting Platform 

    By utilizing Oodles' pre-coded NFT minting smart contract solution, you can develop and launch an NFT minting platform like OpenSea or Rarible in no time. The solution eliminates the need to start from scratch. The solution is modifiable to suit your demands. Such as, it lets you choose a blockchain platform of your choice that supports EVM. Once deployed, it lets users easily mint and deploy customized NFTs in a variety of industries, including e-commerce, sports, and entertainment. The following are some of the advantages our ready–to-launch NFT minting platform offers.  

    • No requirement to be familiar with coding contracts or blockchain
    • Minting of digital assets as ERC-721 tokens (NFT)
    • Pre-coded NFT smart contracts for quick and effective NFT minting
    • Customizable NFT minting platform for different needs
    • Users can mint and upload NFTs in the form of GIFs, movies, photos, music, and other digital materials

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    NFT Marketplace Development

    With our ready-to-deploy NFT marketplace solution consisting of prefabricated smart contract functionality and codes, you can quickly launch an NFT marketplace. The marketplace enables seamless NFT purchasing, selling, and auctioning. It is customizable and flexible to meet changing business needs. It includes crucial features and market-leading security for building an advanced NFT marketplace.

    • Availability of critical features and components
    • Capable of meeting NFT requirements across different industries
    • Integrated advanced admin dashboard
    • 20+ cryptos, tokens, and more crypto asset support
    • Configurable according to business needs

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     NFT Staking

    With the help of our customizable, ready-to-launch NFT staking solution, you meet users' growing needs for NFT staking. By further developing a platform with lots of NFT staking features, you can race ahead in the competition. It has various essential features and capabilities that today's crypto and NFT customers want, such as a rewards calculator and payouts management. It can be utilized as a sole staking platform or combined with exchange platforms, NFT gaming, and other systems.

    • Payouts for custom staking based on rarity
    • Adjustable stake limitations
    • Integration of third-party APIs
    • Linking to other platforms, like exchanges
    • Allowance for built-in lending

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    Different NFT Standards for NFT Solutions

    For maximum usability, our team decided to use the most well-liked non-fungible token specifications of the Ethereum network in NFT solutions. To satisfy specific business and user requirements, the solution can, however, exist on different standards of blockchain platforms like Binance and Tron. Also, the above-mentioned solutions can exist on any NFT standard that supports EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine). 

    Different NFT Standards for NFT Solutions

    Turn-Key Smart Contract Solutions

    smart contract solutions

    Our ready-to-use smart contract solutions enable the development of a smart contract-based idea with a shortened time to market. Using one or more of the following pre-made smart contract solutions helps you launch your business concept right away. They offer the flexibility to use any EVM-supported blockchain platform, for example, for customization and meeting specific business needs.

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    ERC20 Token Development

    Launching a crypto token requires diligent research, planning, and development, which proves time-consuming. When the competition is stiff and entering the market at the earliest is crucial, opting for pre-built solutions can prove beneficial. With our pre-built collection of smart contracts, developing a range of ERC20 crypto tokens, such as payments, security, utilities, etc., becomes effortless. Our pre-coded smart contracts and predefined token attributes make up our smart contract solution for ERC20 token development. If you want to meet your unique requirements like tokens for ICOs or dApps, you can redefine token attributes.

    • Most common token properties
    • Customizable token attributes and a front-end
    • Pre-coded smart contracts
    • 100% of the developed token's ownership
    • Testnet network deployment and QA testing

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     Ready-to-Launch Staking Contract

    DeFi space is evolving rapidly, and capitalizing on the trend requires entering the market at the right time. Therefore, we devised one of the fastest ways to enter the DeFi space with our pre-developed smart-contract powered staking solution. The staking smart contract makes staking accessible to people of all skill levels and is user-friendly. To support liquidity, a company can use it as a stand-alone platform or integrate it with cryptocurrency exchanges.

    • Secure and user-friendly 
    • Comprises unique features and functionality
    • A variety of cryptos support
    • Admin dashboard with several features
    • Incorporate with cryptocurrency exchanges

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     Governance token Development

    With the help of ready-to-use governance token creation, you give users more access, authority, and responsibility over your blockchain-based projects, including dApps, DeFi, NFT, and more. A company can use the solution across its community for use cases like staking, yield farming, and DAO, in addition to offering voting rights. Our pre-developed governance token development smart contract solution can be implemented on a variety of blockchain platforms.

    • Develop highly-advanced DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations)
    • Web3 protocols, platforms, dApps, and games' democratization
    • Development of DeFi (Decentralized Finance) protocols

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    Blockchain Platforms for Smart Contract Modules Development

    Instead of being white-label solutions, our ready-to-use smart contract solutions are essentially hubs of reusable modules. As a result, you can alter them to suit your business needs and use them on blockchain platforms that support EVM. 

    blockchain platforms

    How to Get Started with Pre-Built NFT and Smart Contract Solutions 

    Process of acquiring the solutions


    Enter the Blockchain and Crypto Space with Confidence 

    Our ready-to-deploy smart contract and NFT solutions facilitate business initiators and entrepreneurs to quickly launch their business idea and build revenues without excessive expenditure. We do deliver blockchain-based solutions built from scratch as per business requirements. However, considering the competition, we aim to reduce your time to market effectively with our solutions. Take a look at the team of our expert blockchain, crypto, and NFT developers behind the development of these pre-built solutions. 

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