Driving Advancements in the Education Industry with Blockchain

Published : Jun 10, 2021

blockchain and education

  • Blockchain app development, like other emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and augmented reality, has broken through barriers and introduced cross-industry solutions that go beyond its initial financial and cryptocurrency emphasis, such as in the education sector. Its key advantages are its properties that enable decentralized storage, information immutability, traceability, and transparency.

    Apart from allowing safe transactions, these benefits enable the creation of complex ecosystems in which people freely interact, share data, form agreements, and are rewarded for achieving superior outcomes with cryptocurrency.

    Blockchain and Education

    Education is one of the fastest-growing businesses, but it still faces obstacles due to the inefficiency of existing educational models, restricted access to credentials and educational records, and the authenticity of transcripts – all of which could be easily solved with blockchain-based software.

    The education business is facing the same problems that have plagued it for years. Inefficient paper-based record-keeping methods, a lack of transparency, inadequate student and teacher accountability, a lack of true desire for students to study and do well in class, and a lack of faith in educational qualities and academic degrees due to falsification are all examples of this. By delivering practical answers, blockchain has the potential to improve education and resolve these difficulties.

    These issues are addressed by blockchain, which stores and provides universal simple access to credentials on a decentralized ledger, optimizes educational processes using smart contracts, and incentivizes students to study with crypto prizes.

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    Blockchain and Educations | Applications and Use Cases

    Providing Students with a Portfolio of their Academic Achievements

    Students may establish their digital portfolios on an educational blockchain network, which will contain all of their educational achievements, such as:

    • Majors/minors and degrees earned
    • Proficiency demonstrated via experience
    • Certificates of completion
    • Achievement micro-certificates
    • Additional recognition and accolades
    • Scores on tests and attendance records

    This portfolio can be freely shared to demonstrate a student's eligibility for admission to a university or provided to an employer by a student seeking employment. In the end, a worldwide database of possible applicants might be built, and corporations might seek out the best-performing children, providing even more motivation to do well in school.

    Introducing Verifiable Lifetime Student Transcripts

    We've all experienced difficulties acquiring transcripts from educational institutions. The process of verifying credentials and compiling the whole academic record takes a long time and involves several parties. Blockchain has the potential to offer students an online digital transcript that they may access whenever they need it. This verified student lifetime transcript might include all academic achievements and simplify credential verification, making student transfers between schools easier.

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    Accurate and Transparent Record-Keeping 

    The registrar's office only needs to construct a student record once because of immutable blockchain storage. After that, information is available to all educational system participants and may even be shared between institutions.

    Every task, assignment, school involvement, and extracurricular activity involvement is added to the student's digital record as blocks, which may be viewed on the student's profile. Teachers, counselors, and school officials can see their kids' development from a bird's eye view.

    Aside from student data, blockchain can oversee and facilitate school, college, and university accreditation, secure intellectual property rights, and eradicate diploma and transcript forgery. Educational records stored on the blockchain may be accessed and transmitted swiftly to other schools and organizations, including future employers.

    To grant access to their profile, all a student has to do is give a link or their digital address. Because the whole history of modifications with signatures is maintained on the blockchain, this sort of solution provides total legitimacy of credentials and student data.

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    Smart Contracts for enabling Student Responsibility

    Teachers may utilize blockchain smart contracts to engage in digital agreements with pupils over the fulfillment of their assignments. The agreement spells out all of the assignment criteria, including the directions, conditions, due date, and deadlines.

    After a student completes the work and meets all of the criteria of the agreement, they may be allowed automatic entry to the next section of the course or get credit and a certificate of completion.

    Finally, smart contracts may help provide personalized learning inside a typical classroom setting, as well as provide the incentive factor that is sometimes lacking in traditional educational systems.

    Individualization and Monitoring of Learning Performance

    Educators now have additional resources to monitor and oversee their pupils' performance because of the openness provided by blockchain data storage. Schools may provide a fully tailored learning environment by employing smart contracts and their output as tools to determine where a student is suffering. Institutions throughout the school district can access student performance data stored on a blockchain and utilize it to enhance educational processes.

    This type of system might aggregate performance records on a district, state, and national level and enhance healthy competition among schools, colleges, and universities on a worldwide scale, with the ultimate objective of providing the greatest possible education.

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    Incentivization of Students and Teacher for Better Performance

    To inspire students and urge professors to participate in the educational process by generating new learning materials and participating in research, cryptocurrency and tokenized credits may be utilized to construct efficient incentive systems. Smart contracts may be created to reward fulfilled activities with bitcoin. Teachers will be able to further motivate kids by awarding extra credit to top performers.

    Finally, blockchain technology has the potential to take current education to the next level by fully using the gamification factor. Tokenized credits might be used to pay off student debt, buy school supplies and other instructional resources, and cover other educational costs. Rewarding students for completing a certain major and getting a university credential might drastically reduce the percentage of students who drop out without intending to finish college.

    Our team of blockchain developers and analysts would be happy to assist you in integrating blockchain technology into your organization. We are continually uncovering new chances for technical advancement, and we are glad to make our clients a part of that advancement, having worked with top firms throughout the world. Request assistance from our blockchain specialists in integrating blockchain technology into your school.


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