Fractional Real Estate NFTs: The Next Wave of NFTs

Published : Dec 11, 2022

Fractional Real Estate NFTs

  • Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique digital identifiers that you cannot copy or substitute. Moreover, they can be anything from digital artworks to non-digital collectibles. Now, NFT development services are enabling business enthusiasts to extend their presence in the real estate sector. People can use them for virtual as well as real land. However, not every individual can buy NFTs associated with real estate properties due to high costs. To address this problem, sellers created fractional real estate NFTs. Read on to know more about this topic.

    What is Fractional Real Estate NFT?

    Fractional NFT in real estate represents shared fractional ownership of a real estate property. In simple terms, a developer can divide the ownership of a property into smaller fractions. It allows individuals to hold a part of that property and share its usage rights.

    After the success of the first real estate NFT sale in 2021, many platforms started offering fractional real estate NFT ownership. Examples of such platforms include Aqar Chain, Futurent, Ekta, etc. 

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    What is the Need for Fractional NFT in Real Estate? 

    Real estate NFT is becoming increasingly expensive. Consequently, not every person can afford it. Hence, developers introduced the concept of fractional NFT in real estate. It distributes the asset ownership cost among various buyers, giving people the opportunity to own a part of a larger asset. 

    For instance, individuals may not buy a big commercial building or apartment complex, but they can own a smaller fraction of it (flat). These portions can still give owners passive income from rent. 

    Fractional Real Estate NFT Mechanism 

    Below are the three steps that will give you an understanding of how these tokens work:


    Tokenization in real estate is the process of transforming the ownership rights of a property into a token. Moreover, this blockchain-based process lets users easily trace all the ownership details and history of the property. Developers use the process of tokenization to create fractional NFTs.

    Investment Pool

    Many people opt for joint ownership of a property by pooling their money. Moreover, they get ownership when people buy fractionalized NFTs.


    Every fractional real estate NFT owner will receive property revenue such as home appreciation, rent, etc. The distribution of the revenue will be according to the investment percentage by each token holder.

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    Benefits of Fractional Real Estate NFT

    Following are some of the benefits associated with fractional real estate NFT:


    Blockchain is a public digital ledger that stores information in an immutable manner. This decentralized ledger is traceable and tamperproof. So, it will give a level of security to fractional NFT holders as there are no chances of disputes over ownership rights since there is a record of every transaction on the blockchain.

    Lower Point of Entry for Investors

    An investor needs a high amount of capital to buy properties in real estate. Now, with fractional real estate NFT, individuals with less capital can also participate in real estate investing. Consequently, more small-scale investors can now access the real estate market through fractional NFTs. It will help in the growth of the real estate industry. 

    Web 3.0 and Real-life Integration

    The digital economy seeks to encourage real-world and Web3 integration. An example of this integration is a fractional real estate NFT. Success in this area will pave the way for the digitization of additional tangible assets. It will strengthen the position of NFTs as a practical application of technology in the global economy.


    The concept of fractional NFTs differs from traditional real estate ownership, which entails interacting with middlemen, physically visiting properties to inspect them, dealing with rent collection, and all the related hassles. So, fractional NFTs in real estate can be stress-relieving for most investors. 


    There are many fractional real estate NFT platforms with decentralization features. Token holders of these platforms are members of the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). So, they can participate in the administration of their respective platforms.

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    Fractional real estate NFT is an emerging concept and might transform the way people invest in real estate. It provides a unique strategy to acquire real estate without high prices. So, many people are opting for it. Businesses can enter this lucrative market by launching fractional NFTs for real estate. However, the development of such tokens requires professional assistance. You can get expertise from our NFT and blockchain developers for developing a fractional NFT trading platform. Connect with our expert team for more information.

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1 Comments To “Fractional Real Estate NFTs: The Next Wave of NFTs”

  1. hi

    I own a large building with 9 large apartments and a villa on the roof of the building. The building consists of four floors. Three apartments and a villa were sold, and the remaining five apartments are now for sale.

    My inquiry is how can I offer these apartments for sale and transfer them to RealNFTs?
    Can the one who buys the whole apartment real estate also buy his entire apartment without partition?

    This property is located on the ground in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the city of Jeddah.

    My other question is how much does your full property cost? What are the prices?
    Do you have virtual real estate that has nothing to do with reality?

    Can I build my own property and sell or rent it on your platform?

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