How are fractional NFTs transforming the NFT world?

Published by : Pankaj | May-24-2022

fractional NFTs

  • NFTs development is exploring a new era of asset ownership that is decentralized and transparent, and the most defining feature of NFTs is their assured exclusive ownership. At present, the replication of NFTs cannot be as, also known to be a one-of-a-kind token.

    Across the tech world, fractional non-fungible tokens are dominating the talk. In the space of NFT, they are the trending innovation that is going to revolutionize NFTs base construction. Also, it has formulated new ways for investors.

    The person who follows the NFT trends and its development will know how its crazy valuation making the buzz. Although the popular NFT’s price can run into millions, building them prohibitively expensive for the average buyer. Thus, the need to overcome this problem has led to the arrival of F-NFTs.

    F-NFT is the vision of a fast gaining stream, and its introduction is a transformative move.  It will push the limit of what is possible within the ownership of digital assets.

    What are Fractional NFTs?

    A set of fungible tokens that are bound to the whole is a fractional NFT that has been broken into smaller fractions and sold individually. Also, that fractional piece of NFT allows different people to claim ownership. The abbreviation of fractional NFTs can be F-NFT, and with Smart contract use, it can generate a set of token numbers connected to the indivisible original.

    The actual example of the NFT fractional is the Doge NFT sale, and it sold for a whopping amount of $4 million in June 2021. After some time, the PleasrDAO, who purchased NFT, offered fractional ownership of NFT in $DOG tokens that the purchasing for fans could be as low as $1.

    With fractionated NFT, many people can own the piece of the same rare item, and the inspiration behind the F-NFT is the artwork. And,  this is not the only area where F-NFT find uses.

    How does Fractional NFT function?

    Fractional NFT is the trending sensation that enabling can be by the smart contract. Most NFTs use Ethereum ERC-721 tokens as they are the set standard for creating the non-fungible token on the Ethereum blockchain and the use of ERC20 is to create fungible tokens. For an example of ERC-721 NFTs, we will try to understand fractionalization.

    Although breaking this NFT into fractions, the very thing that the locking can be in a smart contract that can split ERC-721 tokens into many ERC-20 tokens. It happens due to the instruction given by the NFT owner, and they specify everything, from their price to the number of created ERC-20 tokens. The specification includes metadata, and use can be for any other property that they deem special. Moreover, ERC-20 tokens or each created fraction represents the ownership of NFT.

    For diving deep into the working of fractional NFTs, let’s take an example. As we all know that one of the most iconic artwork ever created is Scream by Norwegian artist Edvard Munch. When it was implanted for sale in 2011 at Sotheby’s auction, bought for $120 million by Leon Black. It shows the imagination for representing NFT artwork, and easy to imagine that its price will run into millions. If the fractionalization of this NFT could be into 10,000 ERC-20 tokens, then the paying of this artwork is as low as $12,000 per fraction. Thus, fractionization makes rare and expensive NFTs affordable and even more attractive to investors.

    Moreover, keep one thing always, in mind fractional NFTs do not work on the Ethereum blockchain, as they are possible on any blockchain that supports smart contracts and NFTs. Platforms like Solana, Cardano, and Polygon all facilitate F-NFT ownership transfer.

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    What are the Use cases of fractional NFTs?

    The use cases will include the collaboration of F-NFTs in different forms.

    F-NFTs and gaming

    At present, most gaming platforms offer play-to-earn crypto games that permit you to buy, sell, and own in-game items, some of which are NFTs. In their fractionalized shares, some multiplayer games can use F-NFT, which permits the user to come together and buy and sell expensive in-game assets by investing. The online NFT-based video game Axie Infinity is already testing the feasibility of F-NFT trading. It is in the form of selling fractionalized ownership of ultra-rare axis, the most popular in-game NFT assets.

    F-NFT and metaverse

    The idea of the metaverse is taking the mainframe for metaverse-related projects that can expect an immense influx of investment. Some famous companies like Decentraland and Sandbox have already dived into this domain.

    The F-NFT use can allow groups of investors, conglomerates, and even individuals to come together and buy virtual lands. In that virtual world, they can buy some other similar digital assets.

    F-NFT and real estate

    Today NFTs have explored their way to each industry, and in real estate, it has geared up the process of property buying. It is by replacing third-party involvement. It is a smart contract that offers a safe and simple transfer of ownership. The critical benefits of changing real estate into NFTs are instantaneous ownership settlement and an overall simplified transaction process.

    Moreover, F-NFTs are the same as NFTs in that they permit buying and property sales without any third-party involvement. The function that makes the difference between F-NFT and NFT is that they allow multiple parties, and not just once, to share ownership of property. Although, for the real estate industry, F-NFT is not a crucial part yet. But, F-NFT use in real estate will make real estate investment easy and affordable.

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    In popularity and demand, NFT continues to explode, and we will see much more exciting development and use cases as the evolvement of blockchain technology even further. In the growing market of the blockchain industry, the idea of fractional NFT is still in its infancy and seems to be the next big thing. Also, for greater liquidity, the NFT fractionalization offered opens the market to a large diversity of investors. It also guarantees that for the future digital assets monetization waves, F-NFT will power.

    If you are willing to explore more about NFT development solutions and looking for the most experienced blockchain development organization for NFT, we are here to help you.

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