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Published : Feb 23, 2023

Game Development on Solana

  • Solana ecosystem is developing a set of such tools and services that can enable game developers to augment the development of incredible web3 games on Solana. Solana blockchain development services are certainly moving beyond NFT and DeFi solutions. 

    In this blog, we discover how Solana blockchain is facilitating a new era of Web3 gaming development that may surpass the Ethereum gaming development space. 

    Benefits of Game Development on Solana Blockchain

    Designed as a Single State

    Solana maintains a shared state while scaling horizontally. It ensures interoperability, scalability, and speed. It makes it simple to link the Solana and gaming communities.


    On Solana, each transaction only costs a fraction of a cent. So gamers or developers do not have to worry about the experience issues caused by high costs.

    Fast Transactions

    Solana does not require long wait times as other blockchains to reach consensus and finality. It produces comparatively higher transaction speed per second at low costs. It is due to the unique consensus mechanism it uses. 

    Augment your Game

    Solana enables the development of an entirely on-chain metaverse with decentralized markets, cross-game items, and other features.

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    How Solana is Ready to Transform the Web3 Game Development Market

    The NFT market built on Solana is on track to surpass Ethereum's. In comparison, high-quality content, cost-effective transaction fees, and reduced floor prices are driving this growth. 

     For instance, Magic Eden on Solana reported 12X more transactions, 12% more USD volume, and 16% more users over the last 30 days than Open Sea on Ethereum. The stat is of a platform that debuted in September 2021.

    A Scope of Widespread Adoption

    The combination of fiat payment systems with minimal transaction costs and floor prices is one of the reasons for Solana's global adoption in the gaming industry. These aspects are essential for games to succeed in the mass market. 

    Gaming on Solana promotes diversity and breaks down boundaries. Therefore, gaming becomes open to everyone, not only those with huge ETH wallets. 

    The change from some gas fee to zero can enable widespread adoption of Web3 gaming on Solana. Gaming can significantly benefit from cost-effective yet fast blockchain transactions. It will be much like how the free-to-play business model helped bring gaming to billions of users. Developing and playing games on Solana can be fast, simple, and cost-efficient.

    Technical Advantages 

    Developers are willing to make play-to-earn (P2E) games on Solana for various reasons. First, the network allows development flexibility, unlike other ecosystems of today. For futuristic games, blockchain game developers need to achieve flexibility and independence.

    The network also has a high throughput and cheap transaction costs, which are advantageous to developers and gamers both.

    Play to Earn Gaming on Solana

    The blockchain and cryptocurrency industries have an intriguing vertical called play-to-earn gaming. 

    Solana has attracted significant interest, even though majorly developers build on Ethereum or other EVM-compatible networks. 

    Even though Solana might not be their first pick, there are several characteristics of the network that game creators find appealing.

    According to DAppRadar's rating, the market for play-to-earn games on Solana is small-scale. That is not due to a lack of ideas; instead, the majority of developers favor various blockchains that might make things a little bit simpler. 

    In that sense, Ethereum blockchain development services, along with BNB Chain and others, continue to be a preferred choice. 

    But Solana takes a very different tack with smart contract development.

    Most Popular Games on Solana Blockchain

    Star Atlas

    Although Star Atlas is still in the Alpha phase, its market cap has grown to $209 million. It is the first AAA NFT game developed on Solana. Even though the game is yet to launch fully, the Star Atlas marketplace has made $50M in sales for the year.

    Ninja Game 

    Before the game's release, trade volume for the native Ninja Protocol token of Ninja Game had surpassed $2.3M.


    An intriguing project called Aurory has partnered with TSM FTX, the most lucrative esports organization in the United States. Aurory NFT secondary sales on the Solana NFT market have already brought in more than $64M.

    What's Next

    Even though various blockchains are available for game developers to use, it seems like Solana has gained some attention lately. 

    An important aspect is the ecosystem's appealing game development traits.

    Additionally, a strong team is working to improve the Solana ecosystem, which can help play-to-earn and other types of games remain successful in the long run. Also, you can connect with our skilled Solana blockchain developers to get startedw with gaming development on Solana.

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