Industrial Blockchain Solutions for Frictionless Business

Published : Jan 06, 2023

Industrial Blockchain Solutions

  • Every transaction you do with a variety of vendors daily as an enterprise creates a massive repository of data. Industrial blockchain solutions offer a single source of truth for this data that cannot be changed once recorded, whether it relates to the transportation of goods, the resolution of insurance claims, or managing identity credentials.

    Let's examine the potential of industrial blockchain solutions, enabled by blockchain development services, in businesses across industries in more detail.

    Benefits of Industrial Blockchain Solutions Adoption

    Improved Multiparty Cooperation

    Blockchain is based on the idea of distributed ledger technology. It makes sure that every node of the member network gets the most recent information. Thus, it enhances transaction transparency and minimizes organizational chaos.

    Improved Privacy and Data Security 

    Transparency does not imply that you give up your competitive and commercial intelligence. You may communicate and collaborate safely on business-related information thanks to encrypted blocks that maintain data protection.

    Straightforward Audit Traceability

    Forget the paper trail; you need to dig for identity or part verification that is audit-proof. On enterprise blockchain, keeping an immutable record of transactions makes it simple to run audit procedures and combat fraud.

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    Operational Nimbleness and Quickness to Value

    Organize multiparty processes around reliable data to improve performance throughout your value chain.

    Cost Cutting and Risk Reduction

    Improve accountability, automate reconciliation chores, and streamline shared processes.

    New Opportunities for Monetization

    Authentic products boost sales and brand credibility, while asset-based marketing helps you enter new markets.

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    Industrial Blockchain Solutions across Industries


    Blockchain-Powered Vehicle Data Management

    Petabytes of data generated by connected cars, telematics, sensors, preventive maintenance, and fleet management can live on automotive blockchain solutions, bringing transparency and security to sensitive vehicle data.

    • Telematics data sharing with consent
    • Vehicle leasing monitoring
    • Surveillance of driving behavior to reward drivers
    • Management of auto insurance claims
    • Database management for vehicle maintenance
    • Vehicle ownership and maintenance history based on DLT


    Blockchain Solutions For Insurance And Finance

    Insurance firms struggle with getting to know their consumers better without violating their privacy in a sector where trust is the cornerstone.

    As clients start to confidently disclose their data in the blockchain, insurers can go through anti-money laundering (AML) compliance and know-your-customer (KYC) processes without spending a lot of money on data acquisition.

    • Identify and stop fraud
    • Manage claims automatically
    • Bolster communication between customers and insurers

    Supply Chain Management 

    Develop Transparent Supply Chains

    Within a value chain, information silos prevent a business from serving consumers who are concerned about sustainability. Simultaneously, it also meets customer expectations.

    Blockchain logistics solutions promote overall process efficiency by enabling collaboration and data recording across numerous parties, including suppliers, shippers, transporters, and consignees.

    • Better product lifecycle traceability
    • Improved supply chain transparency
    • Streamlined procedures for audit and payment


    Healthcare and Life Sciences

    The secure yet open design of blockchain technology makes the safe sharing of private patient data possible. Businesses can utilize blockchain in healthcare for maintenance by minimizing paperwork and procedural mistakes.

    • Digital Health Records (EHR)
    • Managed claims for healthcare
    • Information on health insurance
    • Data from clinical trials
    • Drug creation


    Aircraft Maintenance Records

    Adopting blockchain technology reduces time and effort in tracing crucial aircraft details from manufacture to regulatory certifications and normal maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) procedures.

    • Upkeep of aircraft technical documentation
    • Keep a history of technician certifications
    • Track part trades and history
    • Regulatory compliance reports for stores

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    Utility and Energy Solutions

    Businesses can eliminate errors, duplication, and operational delays by storing data from smart energy monitoring devices, oil transportation records, and energy invoices on an immutable ledger.

    Peer-to-peer energy and hydrocarbon trade can use enterprise blockchain as a secure and affordable platform.

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    Public and Government Records Management Solutions

    Blockchain enables the responsible and controlled sharing of citizen data for the common benefit. Blockchain is built on the mechanism of trust, which is at the core of any government service or federal agency. Governmental activities that currently require a lot of paper can operate more effectively thanks to blockchain.

    Blockchain Platforms for Industrial Blockchain Solutions

    It is extremely crucial to employ the right blockchain platform to build industrial blockchain solutions. It hastens development and transformation by making it easier to create, deploy, and support technically challenging projects.

    At Oodles, we utilize blockchain platforms like Hyperledger, Corda, Stellar, and more to build private/permissioned industrial blockchain solutions. Also, we employ blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Tron, Solana, Polygon, and more to develop highly-efficient public blockchain solutions like dApps, NFT marketplaces, crypto exchanges, and more. Blockchain Development for the Aviation Industry Solutions

    Can my Business Utilize Blockchain

    Any industry or business can benefit from integrating blockchain, which has endless potential. But, blockchain cannot solve all issues.

    To find out how you can create your blockchain use case, you may connect with our skilled blockchain developers.

    Why Choose Oodles

    Oodles, an emerging provider of industrial blockchain solutions, assists you in developing innovative enterprise blockchain solutions. And you don't have to worry about setting up and maintaining blockchain infrastructure. Our blockchain development services specifically assist businesses in quickly creating scalable and effective blockchain solutions.

    • Specific industry compliance
    • incredibly scalable architecture
    • 24-hour support for blockchain network operations

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