images Using Blockchain Technology to Develop Your Startup Business

Using Blockchain Technology to Develop Your Startup Business

Posted by : Mudit Kumar | 28-Sep-2020

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    Blockchain is one of the most common buzzwords across industries. However, it can be hard to grasp what it could mean to develop your startup with blockchain unless you have a clear knowledge of immutable, publicly accessible ledgers. Let’s breakthrough the excitement and uncertainty, clarify what blockchain is, and assist you to understand whether blockchain-based startup business development is an ideal step to thrive in the digital world.

    Understanding the Technology 

    Blockchain technology, at its simplest, enables information and transactions to be exchanged between different individuals, entities, applications, and others. Blockchain technology is fascinating because it’s an immutable database that is digitized, decentralized, verifiable. Let’s dive into what they mean by both of those words.

    Distributed Ledger

    The ledger is the location where all the details and transactions in the blockchain are registered. Except that it is designed on blockchain technologies, it’s the practical counterpart to a database. When new transactions and details are introduced, they are transferred to the end of the blockchain database, so that the newest information can be accessed from all associated devices.


    It ensures that once stakeholders make transactions in the blockchain network, it gets verified and added to the database. Then, it can never be changed unless consensus enables stakeholders to do so. While documents will subsequently be changed, all adjustments are identified as separate transactions. This makes blockchain details and transactions easy to verify.


    A single “ledger” database includes a list of all the transactions and data ever exchanged within the blockchain network. All of this knowledge is manually checked by several computers for truthfulness and consistency. This means that by adding fake or incorrect content, an individual user or computer can’t try to fool a blockchain network.

    Digitized Operations

    All blockchain systems, usually through the internet and cloud-based applications, operate digitally. Details are delivered, retrieved, interpreted, and checked digitally by all the technologies associated with a particular blockchain.

    Decentralized Processes

    Blockchain technology does not focus on one single entity or technology setup’s central power. Instead, all properly-authorized computers and users can access the blockchain from anywhere. This ensures that many machines lead to blockchain’s successful operation.

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    Develop a Cryptocurrency or Blockchain-based Business Solution?

    You’ve undoubtedly seen blockchain listed in the same breath as Bitcoin-like cryptocurrencies. Although the core technology that drives cryptocurrencies is blockchain, blockchain has much more usefulness and usage cases than virtual currency. For many reasons, we suggest staying away from cryptocurrency-related blockchain companies:

    This mixture of loss of faith and credibility, volatile valuation and revenues, intensified regulatory restrictions and volatility implies that the competition for cryptocurrencies is not a secure way to develop a blockchain venture. Instead, we suggest that companies should create and use blockchain apps that have relevance and meaning outside of virtual currencies.

    Why Should Your Startup Use Blockchain  

    While establishing a planning company can be thrilling, as a small business owner, there would be substantial demands on you. Fortunately, beyond cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies and ledgers have lots of importance.

    In your company, using blockchain technology might be appropriate if you are an organization that maintains or offers access to data and data. The details you keep must be checked, established, and audited. You need to provide third parties with data. Blockchain technology provides you with a simpler approach than a personalized database, utility platform, or related program.

    “Distributed Applications” or DAPPS are defined as tech applications that you create and use through the blockchain.

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    Blockchain for Your Startup Business | Advantages

    Blockchain technology offers a start-up enterprise with certain opportunities. It gives the right to openly exchange data across the blockchain ledger, offering fast, simple access to the latest information to approved users. Applications for blockchain are encrypted, open, and available to large numbers of users. It provides an efficient, verifiable audit trail so that you can trust the blockchain data and see a history of how it was entered, monitored, handled, and accessed. The fact that Blockchain technology is hot could help draw buyers, consumers, or suppliers.  There’s an expanding number of technology, developers, and applications for blockchain. Consequently, you can find the right kind of blockchain solution for your company

    In the blockchain development sector, there is still plenty of potential for creativity and your company should take advantage of this.

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    Blockchain Use Cases in Startup Business Areas 

    If you are in one of the following fields, there is a good probability that you can get anything out of blockchain implementation. Here are a few perspectives on how to use blockchain in these sectors:


    Recording in the blockchain physician and patient information, including medical history, diagnostics, and other data

    Real estate  

    Collection and exchange information of lists of assets, sales, contracts, financing, and related data

    Supply chain management 

    Gathering information on raw materials, components, and products; sourcing supplies across the supply chain; supplying manufacturers and third parties with descriptions of arrangements, paperwork, delivery, and payment processing.


    Automation of custom policy creation, claims management, or payment execution

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    Blockchain for Your Startup Business | Planning and Development

    There are a few measures you would need to take if you plan to become a blockchain startup to build applications on a blockchain system.

    Determine if your business requires blockchain integration 

    It’s worth taking some time experimenting and ensuring that the right option for your startup is a blockchain approach. To objectively check whether a blockchain implementation is the best one, or if anything similar could work better, speak to the chief technical officer, advisors, growth partners, and others.

    Business aspects and technology to be used with blockchain

    If you assume that a blockchain solution would perform better, it’s necessary to understand the complexities of the solution. Determine precisely what functions you expect from the blockchain and produce scoping and project documentation

    Involve blockchain in business strategy, expenses, sales, and benefit forecast Reports

    Your expenses, sales, and profit margins may be impacted by the decision to switch to a blockchain program. Make sure that you consider and construct the costs associated with the creation of blockchain technology into your business plan and forecasts.

    Design Blockchain technology Architecture and application’s system 

    You would be able to modify and use an existing platform for your needs. Instead, you can use an existing blockchain “protocol” to build an implementation on top of it, such as Ethereum. From scratch, you will build your blockchain protocol and framework. Notice that, in terms of quality, technological knowledge, skills, and customization opportunities, both of these would have major variations.

    Ensure Active Collaboration of Stakeholders 

    When you plan to use blockchain to develop your startup business, ensure that you get daily input on the specifications of all parties using the program. When designing the app, consider their input, so you can produce a final product that is entirely fit for purpose.


    You will customize your business strategy and implementation as you grow your blockchain business so that it suits the needs of everyone perfectly. By making use of this innovative modern technology, it will help the company become a success. So, let’s develop your blockchain based startup now with Oodles blockchain experts

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