Hyperledger Use Cases | Unlocking New Opportunities in 2023

Published : Apr 12, 2023

Hyperledger use cases

  • Hyperledger is a permissioned blockchain with modular architecture and versatile design apt for multiple enterprise use cases. It enables the development of high security, confidentiality, scalability, and performance. Businesses are opting for the right Hyperledger development company to utilize the full potential of the blockchain. In this guide, we will discuss the latest Hyperledger use cases:

    Latest Hyperledger Use Cases in 2023

    Hyperledger, being a permissioned blockchain, provides better privacy and data security. Enterprises can use this blockchain in various fields. Below we have enlisted the latest Hyperledger use cases in 2023:

    Education and Training

    Technology like Hyperledger can transform the education and training system. Colleges and universities are already using this blockchain to address several tasks, such as automating on-campus payments, authenticating academic credits, managing students' privacy and identity, and more. 

    Students of such educational institutions can participate in system development. It will enable them to acquire skills in developing Hyperledger-based financial systems.

    Companies, organizations, and educational institutes can also use Hyperledger to provide training. The platform enables the easy distribution of training videos and certificates digitally. 

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    Invoice Processing

    Invoice processing is a complex task for big firms. Some organizations use the manual method for this process. Meanwhile, centralized record-keeping software does not provide transparency.

    Here, enterprises can use Hyperledger for invoice processing. They can utilize this permissioned blockchain for transaction validation, invoice issuance, and payments. 

    Hyperledger fabric technology can act as a single place for record keeping. Organizations can modify these records or add new records without telling other members.

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    Managing Data Access

    One of the many Hyperledger use cases for businesses is to track records and allow selected accessibility. The blockchain manages all user consent, which governs user data stored on- or off-chain. It also manages policies and agreements that govern third-party access to user data.

    Energy Management 

    The current energy market faces various issues. Usually, electricity providers take unnecessary time in the restoration process. Another problem is the centralization of energy. Not everyone can generate energy, and even if they can, they lack access to solutions to share generated energy with others. 

    Here, people can use Hyperledger for utility management. IBM has partnered with TenneT, Vandebron, and Sonnen to aim for electricity grid management in Germany and the Netherlands.

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    Private Equity

    The private equity investment model has various challenges. Many funds only permit limited investors, which reduces the reporting requirements. Additionally, many investors find it challenging to enter private equity fund investment products due to restrictions imposed by these funds. 

    Hyperledger can help in integrating real-world assets using tokens. This way the blockchain network will give security, transparency, and accessibility. The investment ownership in the network will remain secure. 

    Commission Management

    Hyperledger permissioned blockchain can assist in efficient invoice processing. Also, they can trace commissions and display a work and payment history. It is useful for conglomerates, which function in different nations struggling with commission or referral payment management.

    A particular partner may give low-quality data with many duplicates, utilize a different accounting system, or purposely misrepresent commissions. Hyperledger Fabric can assist an application in setting up an order in all the mentioned scenarios.

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    Hyperledger Fabric offers many salient features, including shared recordkeeping, shared assets, provenance, and more. Its flexibility backs multiple business use cases. Some of these use cases are already in the public domain, while other needs more time to work out. As more and more enterprises find the Hyperledger Fabric use cases valuable, innovative solutions will continue to evolve. 

    Have you found the above Hyperleger use cases relevant to your business?

    Oodles can assist in developing such advanced blockchain solutions. Contact our blockchain developers to get started. 

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