Move-to-Earn NFT Development

Published by : Pankaj | Jul-01-2022

Move-to-Earn NFT

  • The Crypto space is creating innovation each day and serves as a dynamic market of the digital globe. There are multiple new forms of innovation such as NFT, Metaverse, Programmable Stablecoin, and more emerging after the launch of DeFi. The latest trend in the crypto industry is the concept of Move-to-Earn NFT games, which allows users to get rewards for running, walking, dancing, and more. M2E is bringing new innovation to the gaming world and going to be a new big thing for NFT development.

    The next-generation approach of NFT tech is Move-to-Earn NFT which has taken industry enthusiasts by storm. It allows players to get a reward of Bitcoin just for physical exercise. The mobile augmented approach allows the Move-to-Earn game to integrate with the traditional play-to-earn model. Let’s find out how Move-to-Earn NFT games work and how to develop them for the masses.

    What is Move-to-Earn NFT?

    The Move-to-Earn platform, also known as M2E, is a new innovative approach that tries to attract consumers by rewarding them with NFTs. In 2021, a Web3 lifestyle application called STEPN first introduced M2E.

    Moreover, M2E is the trending concept that allows users to earn when they perform physical movements of some form like walking, running, dancing, playing, and more. Recently, this mechanism has attracted a lot of attention because of its traits of bridging both virtual and physical worlds. Also, the Move-to-Earn NFT mechanism capitalizes on the main drawback of the Play-to-Earn (P2E) mechanism, like players have to spend more time on their mobile devices.

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    What Makes Move-to-Earn NFT the Hottest Trend?

    The concept behind the Move-to-Earn is old, but it is a new mechanism. And the initial boom of NFT had witnessed the advancement of P2E games, which monetized the past time of people. Move-to-Earn games are the possible result of health outcomes that the P2E mechanism could cause in the long run. It provides users the opportunity to earn money for exercise, which most normally would not do, even if they know the health benefits.

    As the people understand that NFT is getting higher, Move-to-Earn games have a brighter future and make most of it. Also, there are some M2E games that have topped the chart already as a result of community traction, which is making a move towards these platforms. Thus, this level of attention and advantage makes the Move-to-Earn NFT platform one of the long-standing and hottest trends in the market.

    Popular Move-to-Earn NFT Platforms

    Each game will operate differently in Move-to-Earn, but most will need to complete in-game objectives such as walking, running, or winning a race. Some of the best Move-to-Earn NFT games make inroads into the blockchain gaming sectors.


    STEPN is a Web3 lifestyle application based on the Solana blockchain that includes several GameFi elements. This platform combines both Play-to-Earn and Move-to-Earn concepts. Here, players can buy sneakers by NFT use and get rewards for walking, jogging, dancing, and other activities. Thus, the award for a user will be in the in-game currency for every physical movement they pose.


    Genoptes is the first Move-to-Earn NFT game built on the Solana blockchain for making a fun reward. It is a role-playing game that merges elements from Pokemon Go and Tamagotchi digital pet game with fitness and social incentives. Here, the players have the opportunity to mint NFT games and play them virtually. Thus, the user has to raise digital pets by walking around more the pet grows, the more power it gets. The user can earn a reward by completing tasks.


    Dotmoovs is a blockchain-powered peer-to-peer (P2P) sports competition platform that allows user to monetize their sports skills with simple smartphone videos. This platform uses an AI-driven algorithm that revolutionizes the way people see sports performance.


    Wirtual M2E NFT platform allows users to get rewards by completing some fitness tasks, including walking, swimming, and dancing. Users will earn Wirtual tokens that users can use for buying in-app NFT avatars and clothes.

    Essential features of Move-to-Earn NFT

    So far, the consideration of NFT is the biggest thing in the crypto world. The emergence of the M2E platform has made the NFT industry even better. Here are some of the features listed below that show M2E functionality.

    Goal setting

    The platform should possess goal-setting capabilities that allow players to set regular movement or fitness activities. Also, this feature allows users to keep raising bars in physical activity to achieve more each day. Thus, the user will keep motivated to gain their overall activity level.

    Integration with a fitness watch

    Move-to-Earn enables Smartwatch or fitness watch with 5G connectivity that allows you to keep track of your goals on the move.

    GPS support

    Tracking movements and activities in real-time applications must support live GPS tracking.

    User profile

    On the NFT gaming application, a user must create his profile. Also, the profile should have the functionality to add the user’s real pictures and in-game characters.


    In terms of achieving goals and achievements, the dashboard should be available for each user with historical data and daily progress.

    Market integration

    There is always an integration of the marketplace with NFT games. Also, for trading their favorite NFTs, users must be given multi-factor authentication.

    Easy UI/UX

    From the game perspective, there must be an easy user interface and impeccable user experience.

    Social media integration

    Allows users to share his/her achievement and social events on social media. It is the most crucial aspect when it comes to promoting your NFTs.


    The cryptocurrency needs to develop a solution that is scalable. Also, blockchain technology brings an immutable solution to the desk. But, scalability achievement is only with the scope of expansion in the future.


    For defining the success of any NFT initiative, security is the most crucial factor. Only a highly skilled blockchain and NFT development service provider can provide full-proof safety and security to your Move-to-Earn NFT gaming solutions.

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    Let’s assume this writing has engaged you so far, and you have decided to take Move-to-Earn NFT to the next level. If you are looking for necessary experience, do approach a company of blockchain experts like Oodles. We will bring your concept of NFT-based Move-to-Earn to life.

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