Increasing Inevitability of Multi-Chain Crypto Wallet Development

Published : Jun 13, 2022

Multi-Chain Crypto Wallet Development

  • Web 3.0 will be a panorama of multiple blockchains, and the top Defi projects will be those that provide experiences that connect as many of them as feasible. To be competitive now, your Defi product must be multi-chain, whether it's crypto wallet development, a lending platform, or any other Defi software. And they're counting on you to deliver the best of both worlds.

    Instead of a dog-eat-dog model, the future of blockchain and Defi will reward products that integrate into a cooperative multichain user solution, while those that remain isolated will soon be forgotten.

    The Increasing Importance of Multi-Chain Crypto Wallet Development

    Because DeFi chances are no longer limited to Ethereum and are more widespread across numerous chains, DeFi users require multi-chain crypto wallets. Switching between various DeFi wallets across multiple chains is the biggest pain point for DeFi customers. A quick and secure multi-chain wallet provides users with the ease of a single wallet without sacrificing opportunities on any of the chains.

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    What is a Multi-Chain Crypto Wallet

    A multi-chain crypto wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that is connected to multiple blockchains and provides a wallet address for each of them, allowing users to send and receive transactions on these blockchains from the same application. It can be accessed through a mobile app, a web app, or a browser extension.

    It supports numerous cryptocurrencies across several blockchains as a digital asset wallet. This sort of wallet allows you to receive, transmit, and store various coins/tokens on different blockchains in the same wallet while only controlling one private key.

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    Must-Have Advantages 

    A multi-chain crypto wallet must provide users with the following advantages

    Multi-Chain Blockchain Accessibility 

    Users should be able to manage their digital assets without having to download and install a lot of software. They should be able to use native cryptocurrencies on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, Kusama, OKeX Chain, and other blockchains.

    Advanced Protection

    The safety of funds and user information must be prioritized. With pass functionality, OAuth, and Biometric (FaceID + fingerprint), a multi=chain wallet must ensure that these vital assets remain safe. An example of best practice To protect and verify bitcoin access and usage, a multi-chain wallet should have various security levels.

    Tracking in Real-Time

    Users should have real-time access to and management of their crypto holdings.

    Users should be able to store all of their digital assets in a single wallet and access them from any device with an internet connection.


    The interface of a modern multi-chain chain wallet should be straightforward and user-friendly. It must make it simple for both novice and experienced users to navigate and manage digital assets across various blockchains.

    Privacy Protection

    When users transact online, anonymity should be preserved. The wallet can employ an anonymous address scheme, which implies that all transactions are private and solely between the sender and the receiver.

    Fast Transaction Speed

    Fast transaction speeds are also important in a multi-chain crypto wallet. Within minutes of signing up for a multi-chain wallet, users should be able to send and receive payments.

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    Advanced Features that a Multi-Chain Crypto Wallet 

    The elements listed below should be given significant attention during the development process of a multi-chain crypto wallet platform. Integration of the following features can ensure that the wallet meets the needs of a bigger audience conveniently, allowing it to become a popular crypto wallet, similar to Solana's Phantom or Metamask.

    • Versions for the web and mobile
    • Support for multiple chains (ERC20, BEP20, or TRC20)
    • Unlimited Wallet Creation
    • Crypto Storage and Transfer
    • Support for Crypto NewsFeeds
    • In-app Browser Accessibility for DApps
    •  Liquidity Pools Integration
    • Decentralized Swaps Integration
    • KYC
    • 2FA
    • Launchpad
    • P2P Swap
    • Advanced Assets Management Dashboard

    Additional Functions

    Compatible with NFT

    A multi-chain wallet that allows for the storing and transfer of NFT collectibles from several blockchains might be a game-changer. Many investors wish to diversify their portfolios beyond Ethereum because NFTs have grown to be such a large sector.


    We never have access to your personal information or cash. Ever.

    Support for the Ledger

    Users should be able to connect their hardware wallets for added security.

    Developing a Multi-Chain crypto wallet with Oodles

    Defining the Roadmap

    Our team of specialists will use their extensive experience to assist you in developing the project concept and prototype. We will provide you with solutions that provide value based on market demands and your business objectives.

    Boost Product Launches

    We will assist you in quickly releasing the product with all the necessary features thanks to our structured approach and flexibility. As a result, you'll be able to begin collecting clients and growing your firm sooner.

    API-Centric Crypto Wallet Development

    We create multi-chain cryptocurrency wallets that support thousands of digital assets across many blockchains, track data, and provide seamless operability using Web 3 and other sophisticated technology solutions. We interact with a whole node of the blockchain to gain information.

    Ensure a Smooth User Experience

    We'll work with you to develop a product with a responsive design, engaging UI, and perfect functionality for the web, iOS, and Android that users will appreciate.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Is it safe to use multichain wallets?

    Multichain wallets are secure because they include security features like PINs and passwords that prevent hackers from gaining access to your assets. Furthermore, MultiChain technology makes switching between blockchains simple, allowing you to get the money you need when you need them. This gives you more financial flexibility and control.

    In a Multi-Chain wallet, what coins/tokens can I store?

    This is determined by the wallet's creator. A wallet can hold thousands of coins/tokens on a variety of blockchains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, Kusama, OKExChain, and others.

    Is it possible to make several Multi-Chain wallets?

    Yes, several multi-chain wallets are possible. This gives you more financial flexibility and control. Each wallet can house a different sort of cryptocurrency, allowing you to keep the funds you need in the most convenient location.


    It's safe to presume that you now have the answers to your queries and are ready to invest in your business idea. However, you should be aware that selecting the correct blockchain wallet development company, such as Oodles Blockchain, can ensure not only the security of your wallet but also give tailored solutions to match your unique business needs. To avoid any long-term concerns, make sure the crypto wallet development business you choose is transparent throughout the development process. As a result, it's best to take your time, do some research, and then hire a crypto wallet development company.

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