How NFT Ticketing Disrupts The Ticketing Industry

Published by : Pankaj | Dec-21-2021

  • The 21st century is the age of technology and digitalization, where NFT is a new concept that created hype around digital arts. The limitation is not over yet is now ready to move forward to various other markets.

    NFT is a new technology that has created tremendous excitement. The use of NFT shaking up the digital art world. The hype is gone superb, and in the first quarter of 2021, the NFT markets developed from 23 to 432 million dollars. The cheaper, faster, more transparent, secure, and reliable quality of NFT can improve ticket sales. One such aim is an event market where NFT can associate with physical and digital ticketing.

    Nowadays, the ticketing methods shortage memories. The reflection is on recollecting outstanding moments from past events. Emerging NFT cases beyond the hype have come into the frame to make tickets more functional and memorable.

    It is the truth that you may drop a paper-based ticket, or they may get wet and ruined. Also, carrying paper-based tickets while traveling is not good as it may get lost. With NFTs, you do not think twice as the technology benefits both arrangers and visitors. But, understand some of the problems which emerge in traditional event ticketing.

    What is the problem faced with the traditional ticketing system?

    As we all know, each sector has its drawbacks, so traditional ticketing systems also have. They are not untouchable from that and face several problems.

    • Black marketing of tickets

    Cheats have troubled the ticketing industry, cracking real fans. It is to allowance supplementary prices while granting security warnings for event organizers. Cursing technologies advances, ticketing bots cause disorder. The authorization of online scalpers to buy tickets in mass and sell them on secondary markets at high prices.

    • Lack of exchange protocol

    A provided supplier can’t trace customers or exchange data beyond the boundaries. This deficiency of transfer protocol enhances cheating on the secondary market. Currently, the placing of the ticket industry is on a range of separate web platforms. Furthermore, it is tougher to mark fake tickets as many platforms sell them, there are no exchange protocols. There is no device to measure the validity of all the tickets together. That requires a unique database or protocol for transferring data between them.

    • Customer trust

    One of the utmost bothering for visitors is whether they have paid for a genuine ticket or a fake one. The assumption after the research is that around two-thirds of the consumers. They fear buying a fake ticket or fetching victims of another type of cheat (men are 2.5 times exposed to fraud than women).

    How does NFT service for Ticketing Industry?

    NFTs are digital tokens which storing is on the blockchain and give authority to sell it digitally. After that, consumers can store NFTs in a safe wallet and get them on any device.

    NFTs are non-fungible tokens having unique identification numbers. Although they are different from regular tokens like BTC and ETH, one NFT is not equal to the other. Hence, they are not interchangeable. In another way, we can say an NFT exists in one unique copy, like an art piece. But, the content of the token can be the demand of individuals: images, math graphs, or event tickets. Each individual can create an advanced NFT marketplace according to their requirements.

    Consumers can buy NFT tickets and store them in their wallets. They can get them from mobile devices. Onwards the produced NFTs once visiting the event, and gives buyers the capability of booking the NFT-based ticket. Also, the buyers pay the ticketing amount to the ticketing company. The sending of NFT ticket to the buyer from the ticketing database, and after receiving the payment Smart Contract triggers.

    The authority of the ticketing company appeals to upload the ticket on the IPFS. The storing of the uploaded ticket is on the database, and the hash calculation is via IPFS. NFT marketplace development requests the creating and uploading of NFT tickets.

    The owners of tickets can also grant the resell of NFT tickets on the NFT marketplace. Then after the storing of ticketing is in a smart contract. Once a purchaser buys the ticket, the Smart contract triggers and sends the amount to the seller.

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    What are the benefits of NFT Ticketing?

    NFTs can increase the ticketing experience for both participants and controllers. Approaching and integrating will benefit both the coordinators and visitors. That is with the addition of blockchain and NFT technologies into the ticketing industry. It will create a better shape on the market, which will boost sales. Let us understand how.

    • Preventing fake tickets and scams

    Blockchain gives a single source of faith for both ticket holders and controllers. The process of storing initial sales to resale is on the blockchain immutable due to the shifting of NFTs. By this, all parties can prove the ticket authenticity.

    • Reduce costs

    Costs related to selling and minting NFTs are insignificant as compared to the traditional ticketing system. First, reduction cost impacts ticket production (you can use Ethereum or another blockchain network for free). Second, the impact transfer to the implementation and maintenance of mechanisms. These designs are to prevent fraud. Due to this, the scalping and the sale of copied tickets are not more required.

    • Quick production

    One of the remarkable benefits of NFT tickets is the speed of production and allotment. Moreover, the minting of an NFT makes them ready to sell in less than a minute.

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    • Perpetual revenue

    Since programmable NFTs can have underlying guidelines for merchandise, content, resales, and royalty splits. It means the company organizer can analyze profit. The sharing percentages are for future resales or creative content. They are immutable within the NFT coding to secondary markets and receive funds.

    • New revenue opportunities

     NFT-based tickets go about as programmable money. That gives the limitless potential for new income opportunities, the resale of NFT tickets as collectibles. Although, the use of NFT tickets to provide food and drink deals and rewarding fans who have accumulated many occasion tickets.

    What opportunities does NFT Ticketing provide to guests?

    1. Gain revive and hike from the event organizer.
    2. Sell or transfer tickets for future events that you cannot go to.
    3. Sell unique past tickets that every other people would love to gain.
    4. Keep, ticket secure to remain memories alive.
    5. Absorb and be a part of the event organizer group.

    What opportunities does NFT Ticketing provide to organizers?

    1. Plan art-like tickets representing the story of an occasion so that people would like to grab them.
    2. Explain the originality of each ticket, and confirm the owner.
    3. Receive a part of the profit when a ticket owner resells the NFT ticket.
    4. To make further, events better access potential data.
    5. Through email or SMS, distribute NFT tickets.


    The industry that disrupts completely by NFTs is live events space. It is a space where ticketing companies and concert promoters are keen to grab on. The potential opportunities and emerging tech can make live events better than before.

    Today, the world’s NFT is one of the pop-up technology trends which outrages almost every industry, including ticketing. For the ticketing platform, NFTs bring transparency and assure the secondary buyer. By this, they are getting an exciting ticket to the occasion.

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    Are you willing to grasp the advantages of NFTs in ticketing, connect to our team of NFT development experts?


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