Principles to Build Advanced and Unique BitDAO

Published : May 18, 2022


  • The growth of technology has lapped many sectors across the globe. At every moment, new technology like BitDAO is popping up to change the face of the technological world. It is the same as blockchain development has transformed many industries with its potential.

    At present immense growth of the blockchain and crypto space brings many promising opportunities. The potential of blockchain and crypto as new advancements like Defi became quite noticeable from enterprises and people across the world. At the same time, the newly evolved solutions can witness the rise of new tools to support crypto.

    Many tokens are evolving every day but driving Defi governance to top DAO tokens are evident examples. Although many DAO tokens garnered a lot of hype in the crypto space, BitDAO is one of the most valuable ones. Also, there are many options that we have to go through if we want to find the best DAO projects. Thus we can say BitDAO is unique because this DAO has millions of existing assets and forecasted contributions. Let’s take a deep dive into the space of BitDAO.

    What exactly is BitDAO?

    The definition of BitDAO tells that it is one of the largest decentralized autonomous organizations(DAOs) with millions of existing assets and forecasted contributions. In the ecosystem of BitDAO, the governance token that comes with the proposal and voting power is BIT. It comes to building a decentralized token economy that is available to everybody, and protocol management handling is by the holders of BIT tokens.

    By deploying BitDAO Defi products and supporting Defi partners and projects, it will give funds for growth. It is for the extension of the Defi ecosystem. Also, they provide funds to Defi contributors like the growth of bespoke governance modules, community management initiatives, or the future BitDAO foundation.

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    How does BitDAO function?

    BitDAO works on the DAO(decentralized autonomous organizations) mechanism, and holders of BIT tokens govern and administer BitDAO.

    The usual governance structure of DAO utilizes by the crypto venture. Also, via vote procedure and the proposed framework of DAO permits BIT token holders to have command over BitDAO exercises. Also, project through token swaps and co-development efforts, the BitDAO will look to partners. In the manner of research and development, liquidity bootstrapping, and funding, that it can support.

    Here are some of the measures that help only after the growing proposal and vote on the DAO:

    • Assisting partners' products or building BitDAO solutions, the R&D centers, and the allocation of development teams will be for financing or milestone incentives.
    • The basics of BitDAO protocols, governance, and treasury management, will be modified.
    • The allocating of Token Swap features is for current and fresh initiatives.
    • Based on various tactics, the deployment of treasury funds will happen.
    • The provided Grants are for blockchain technology projects, education programs, and other services blockchain.
    • In terms of cash flow, the allocation of support will be to partner initiatives.

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    Growth approach of BitDAO

    Through co-development initiatives and token swaps, BitDAO will seek projects to collaborate on. Also, the project switches token and create a portfolio of the best available and new Defi and crypto ventures. Becoming the category leader reward of BitDAO will aid these partners' projects in their quest. The benefit is that it gains success from the partner's projects and the crypto industry all at once. Its partner success will increase contributions to add value to the BitDAO treasury. It permits a more smooth deployment of the resources.

    Moreover, the project goal is to create main products that help BitDAO and other DAOs run smoothly. These consists:

    • An on-chain and off-chain products combination and the best practice make up governance suit.
    • To deploy the DAO capacity to generate yield oversee assets or launch goods known as Treasury management.

    There will be a new alliance for projects, acquiring the Defi assets with growth potential and developing functional solutions through regular contributions and assets. Thus the conclusive aim of this DAO is to invest in the partner's success and the industry as a whole.

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    Principles that make BitDAO Unique and Advanced

    In contrast to systematic companies, with the traditional hierarchy of managers and employees, BitDAO does not operate. Preferably, an organization is a group of people who contribute to the projects. Also, the reward of the contributor is with BIT tokens and is willing to see the project reach its true potential.

    Moreover, with a wide variety of people and teams, changes to the BitDAO protocols are suggested. It is up to the BIT holder that has the right to vote on whether this approach should be approved or rejected. It is a developing project with community leaders that have formed over time. The influences of the project path are governance recommendations and forum participation. In brief, the holder of tokens, investors, and community members will drive BitDAO's visions. And it aims to devote financial and human resources to strengthen Defi's growth.


    In the space of a decentralized tokenized economy, BitDAO is poised to be a key player and influencer. Also, the DAO governance flexibility and transparencies permit BIT token holders to build their own adventures, and these possibilities are immense.

    Over time BitDAO will be an evolving project and community leader. Also, the participation of governance and the forum will affect the direction of projects. With token holders, contributors, and community leaders that drive BitDAO's vision and mission. Also, it permits many independent teams to coordinate proposals, negotiate partnerships, and develop products for BitDAO governance. We at oodles have depth expertise in DAO blockchain solutions, feel free to reach out if you are willing to develop similar projects.

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