Project Ursa: New Cryptography Library will help to Build Your Own Hyperledger Solutions

Published : Dec 10, 2018

build your own hyperledger solutions

  • Recently, on December 4, Hyperledger approved Project Ursa, which is a Modular Cryptography Software Library. This stance is an evolution of Hyperledger to have a stronger foundation as a blockchain development platform. Per the Technical Steering Committee, the Library is created because Hyperledger is through a phase of “sophisticated cryptographic implementation”, growing as a large and complex blockchain solution. With the new library, it will be now easier to build your own hyperledger solutions and blockchain applications.

    As Project Ursa has an objective to materialize a better and secured blockchain ecosystem, Hyperledger will turn as a strong platform to develop enterprise-grade applications. Project Ursa developed the shared library as a collaboration platform, which will let developers work on their projects on a common platform rather than using separate protocols.


    Project Ursa: New Cryptography Library

    Per Hart Montgomery, the key person at Project Ursa, the new Cryptographic Library will render changes in the approach to build your own hyperledger solutions. Ursa is supposed to make development “less likely for less experienced people to create their own less secure implementations”. Citing Ursa as “modular, flexible cryptography library”, Montgomery said it will make using and implementing Hyperledger “much safer and easier”, especially to create Distributed Ledger Projects. An interesting aspect of the new module is its interoperability. Ursa can be used in developing any permissioned or private blockchain application apart from those based on Hyperledger technologies. The whole software is developed using Rust Programming.

    Ursa comprises two modules. The first is in “Plug and Play” mode, while the second, named Zmix requires total integration with the project. The first module incorporates standard libraries and implementations. While, Zmix has complicated cryptography protocols, which are rarely used in general applications. This module focuses on larger algorithms including Smart Signature and Zero knowledge-related cryptographic protocols. The new set of complicated algorithms is an evolution of Hyperledger ecosystem, which is beginning to be used in complicated and large blockchain applications. The module will assist in solid implementations of other blockchain projects apart from those in Hyperledger.


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    Assisting to Build your Own Hyperledger Solutions

    The new cryptography library is expected to enhance security. Ursa will simplify the process of hyperledger as well as other blockchain application development. Montgomery posed it as a means to “avoid wasted work on duplicate projects.” The library will be of great assistance to build your hyperledger solutions as blockchain developers will be able to modify the schemes of cryptography using simple configuration files. Also, Ursa’s usage will enable developers to get their cryptographic codes being reviewed by experts.

    Montgomery believes “Modularity will be the natural evolution DTL Platforms.” Ursa will transform cryptographic implementations as modular abstractions. This will enable easier methods to build your own hyperledger solutions and new blockchain projects. Creating a modular platform will let developers to access well implemented and tested cryptographic codes. In Montgomery's words, the library will have “implementations of newer and fancier Cryptography.”


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    Linux Reinventing Blockchain Development with Modular Taste

    Ursa is not only for Hyperledger based application. The library is for Blockchain development as a whole. Developers can use Ursa to create enterprise-grade and industrial open source blockchain projects. Through Ursa, Linux is trying to standardize the blockchain development industry as it has been largely fragmented. Such ecosystem creates vulnerabilities for the whole technology domain, as blockchain development is considered as an independent way to create solutions.

    Large Cryptographic programs are complex and it is more than just tough to correct a glitch in implementations. Standardizations of development algorithm will streamline the industry to develop better applications. Ursa is an evolutionary trait of the Blockchain Development industry through Hyperledger and Linux.

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