A Quick Guide to Launching Your Own IDO (Initial DEX Offering)

Initial DEX Offering (IDO

  • Crypto fundraising has evolved to include initial coin offerings, initial exchange offerings, and traditional seed rounds. Recently, the initial DEX offering (IDO) has emerged as the new, preferred crowdfunding model for DeFi projects.

    Basically, it enables startups to crowdfund their native token on decentralized exchanges and automated market makers (AMMs). In addition, it provides them a more transparent, secure, and efficient means of fundraising than previous methods of blockchain-powered crowdfunding. Also, you may read about decentralized exchange development.

    What exactly is an IDO (Initial Dex Offering)?

    An IDO is a type of crowdfunding in which an issuer distributes IDO coins through a decentralized liquidity platform. A decentralized liquidity exchange is a sort of cryptocurrency asset exchange that uses liquidity pools to enable traders to trade tokens. Liquidity pools consist of stable coins and crypto-assets. USDT/ETH, for instance, is a liquidity pair. Depending on market conditions, traders can switch pairs between different crypto assets and stable coins. As stablecoins have low volatility, they enable traders to securely control the high volatility of crypto tokens and assets by swapping them. As a result, decentralized liquidity exchanges make it possible for businesses to issue a token and gain quick access to funds. 

    Decentralized liquidity exchange platforms like Uniswap, Bancor, or Binance facilitate the issuance of an IDO coin for an IDO. The first-ever IDO was held at Binance DEX. A fundraising mechanism makes trading protocols available to traders, which are not in control of any central authority.

    Anyone can organize an IDO on their own. The reason, IDOs are becoming more popular, is that more and more businesses are considering them for fundraising.

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    Benefits of Launching your own IDO (Initial DEX Offering)

    Instant Liquidity

    The liquidity of a token is indeed critical. It can be disastrous for a token’s value if it cannot provide immediate liquidity. A liquidity pool provides liquidity without slippage at all price levels. To facilitate token swapping in the liquidity pool, the project first requires some value for the tokens to acquire liquidity.

    Instant Trading

    From the minute a project gets launched, investors begin trading its token.  Early token purchasers can sell their tokens at a higher price during the IDO. Essentially, when the first investor buys a token, the price begins to move.

    Lower Costs

    If a project’s token uses a liquidity exchange, it only costs a few dollars of gas fee for deploying a new smart contract. Further, smart contracts manage the assets token and liquidity pool.

    Effective Means for Fair and Secure Fundraising

    Unlike traditional fundraising approaches, an IDO launch enables instantaneous token generation and liquidity. Initially, private investors purchase a significant quantity of tokens at a discounted rate. Further, when the token goes on sale to the general public, its value rises.

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    IDO’s Tech Stack

    You can develop and deploy your IDO on several blockchain platforms to take advantage of the unique features of each platform. Choosing the right platform can also increase the visibility of your IDO due to the platform’s popularity and user base.


    The nature of Ethereum, as well as its plethora of smart contract features, can aid in standing out in the Ethereum community.


    When you launch your IDO with the Polkadot ecosystem, you get multichain support and connection. It basically extends your IDO’s reach.

    Binance Smart Chain

    The creation of IDO on the Binance smart chain is receiving a lot of support from the Binance market’s investment community.


    Tron’s scalability and faster throughput aids in the development and deployment of an IDO.

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    How to Launch Your First Dex Offering

    Form a Strategy

    Plan and enhance your token offering over DEX by innovating your product with a strategic strategy that benefits users.

    Draft your White Paper 

    To entice investors to back your enterprise, explain your concept to them.

    Run your IDO

    Launch your IDO coin to start raising money right away.

    Increase the value of your token

    Increase the value of your token by providing utility services to people who want to utilize it in the market.

    Create Governance Tokens and Distribute them

    To reward users who can contribute and improve your platform, issue governance tokens.

    Begin Serving

    Start providing your services with advanced features of blockchain technology to increase the value of your token.

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    Oodles’ Approach to Launching your IDO

    Create a Whitepaper

    We draft detailed and comprehensive whitepaper services to aid the launch of your new project to the crypto market.

    Create a Strategy & Roadmap

    We adopt strategic time-based roadmaps to visualize your product’s direction and assist in securing stakeholders.

    Create a Marketing Plan

    We devise well-thought-out marketing strategies that are methodically crafted and, thus, increase your market presence.

    Development of Coins

    We provide secure, customizable token development services. We are a trusted and established one-stop-shop.

    Integration of the Blockchain

    We develop and integrate platforms to standardize, automate, and secure an IDO across a variety of industries.

    Launch Support 

    To guarantee a successful product launch, we give specialized support from our seasoned experts.

    Is the IDO Model Relevant?

    The fundamental motivation behind the creation of the initial dex offering (IDO) model is to address the shortcomings of previous models like ICO, STO, and IEO. Because IDO is a decentralized exchange platform, organizing a fundraising event does not require authorization. Thus, it happens on its own.

    The advantages of IDO are spectacular. However, there are certain drawbacks to this paradigm. The most prevalent of which is immediate price fluctuation.

    Similar to any other strategy, Initial Dex Offering has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. IDO can be the next crucial model in crypto fundraising, although it is still in the early development stages.

    Initial Dex Offerings have a bright future ahead of them. Particularly, it is because blockchain researchers seek to add control mechanisms into the existing IDO architecture. It aids in the elimination of price fluctuations in tokens as well as the implementation of KYC standards.

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    IDO indeed is still in its infancy, similar to the technology that governs these token auctions. For sure, it will take time for the IDO ecosystem to tackle these difficulties and strike a balance between enabling decentralization while maintaining security. In the future, the IDO may become the most popular blockchain-based fundraising method.

    So, to take advantage of this new kind of financing and construct your IDO,  contact a blockchain development company. We possess expertise in the development and launch of initial DEX offerings. We learn about your needs and offer you the finest solutions for your business.

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