The Rise of P2P Crypto Exchange after the FTX Debacle

Published : Jan 28, 2023

P2P Crypto Exchange

  • After the FTX crypto exchange debacle, the interest in decentralized crypto exchanges has increased rapidly. It is because they offer crypto investors greater control over their crypto assets. Given the increased interest in DEXs (Decentralized crypto exchanges), this is a suitable time to launch your p2p decentralized crypto exchange using crypto exchange development services offered by a crypto exchange development company.

    In this article, explore how to get started with developing and launching a reliable, modern DEX. Essentially, we will examine the advantages and development factors of a peer-to-peer (P2P) decentralized crypto exchange. 

    Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Crypto Trading

    P2P cryptocurrency trading is a decentralized method of crypto exchange that relies solely on a platform or software existing on a blockchain.

    In typical situations, intermediaries carry out trade and execute transactions.

    However, a peer-to-peer crypto exchange does not use intermediaries or third parties to monitor or execute transactions.

    A P2P Crypto Exchange Platform's Mechanisms

    P2P exchanges function differently to do away with the requirement for a middleman. The people behind those orders match up rather than the orders in an order book.

    A P2P exchange software does not execute the trade right away when it discovers a matched buy and sell order.

    Instead, it links the buyer and seller, allowing them to complete the transaction directly without the use of a middleman.

    Therefore, there is no requirement for intermediaries to be involved in the trade by default, although they may still serve as arbitrators in the event of potential disagreements. 

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    Benefits of P2P Crypto Exchange Development

    When designed, implemented, and implemented correctly, P2P crypto exchange platforms have the potential to provide high resistance to transaction censorship in a cost-effective, private, and secure manner.

    These benefits result from decentralizing operations.

    Centralized exchanges' single point of authority offers several benefits, including quicker trading and enough liquidity. However, the system can be affected by merely a single attack.

    Strengthened Transaction Privacy 

    P2P crypto exchanges do not require a middleman or third party to execute transactions.

    The decentralization and feature-rich qualities of Blockchain, such as its ability to facilitate encrypted transactions and operate as an immutable distributed ledger, assure the privacy and security of the entire platform.

    Efficacious Operations

    The operational cost of a transaction increases when it involves more intermediaries.

    On the other hand, the idea of decentralization does away with the requirement for a middleman in crypto trading on a peer-to-peer exchange program. As a result, it virtually eliminates operational expenses.

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    Increased Security

    A peer-to-peer exchange removes the concern over the validity of the counterparties by keeping the KYC information of users up to date with the blockchain database.

    Identity fraud and other sorts of fraud become extremely unlikely.

    International Transactions

    For overseas transactions, it can take days or weeks to exchange fiat money.

    Using a P2P exchange platform enables quick, economical, and worldwide transfers.

    On a P2P exchange platform, anyone can make transactions quickly across the globe.

    Effective Dispute Resolution in Transactions

    The escrow system ensures the monitoring of all transactions on the platform. It comes into play when a dispute between a buyer and a seller first appears.

    Additionally, the platforms demand that before a trade, the parties to it escrow some money in a smart contract.

    The escrow, developed using smart contract development, can then release the funds from the smart contract escrow following a successful trade settlement.

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    P2P exchanges do not keep users' cryptocurrency. Instead, they serve as a conduit between merchants. Thereby, users can transact directly thanks to it.

    By not entrusting your coins to a third party, the process becomes significantly easier. If you are the only one who owns your money, neither theft nor mistaken loss can happen.

    Powered by Smart Contract, Escrow Service

    An escrow service created using smart contract development acts as a trusted middleman and holds the funds for a transaction until the cryptocurrency settlement is complete.

    They do this by requiring cryptocurrency deposits before any money exchanges, which protects customers from dishonest sellers.

    The Process of Developing P2P Exchanges

    Every P2P crypto exchange development company often follows a pretty similar procedure. They will begin by investigating the concepts and all the requirements to develop a crypto exchange platform.

    After which, they work on the design and development to finally deliver the software solution.

    However, the following are the detailed instructions for the procedure to develop a p2p crypto exchange.

    Research and Concept

    After setting up a meeting, crypto exchange developers talk about your proposal and attempt to determine its scope.

    The professionals do all necessary research, including collecting the information and analyzing the market.

    Additionally, they provide you with prepared documents that contain information on planning, services offered, anticipated outcomes, and a timeframe for the development process.

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    They further demonstrate a prototype or give you illustrations of the kind of designs they may use for your platform.

    It will provide you with a clear concept of how the platform will look and function.

    Before putting any design possibilities in front of you, they would have all already undergone analysis and verification.

    Additionally, they ensure the design complies with the specifications and your ongoing input. They also ensure that the platform's design is user-friendly and engaging.


    The next stage after everything has been finalized is to put everything together and create a solution that is both fully functioning and simple to comprehend.

    At this stage, the trading engine and other integrations will be installed.


    The stage entails the solution's integration with several blockchain-based applications.

    To compete in the market of the future, developers make sure that the solutions they have developed are tried-and-true and technologically sophisticated.

    Additionally, they will make sure that they integrate every feature and it operating properly.

    Listing of tokens

    In this phase, they make sure tokens are properly listed on the platform.

    They understand that your end users will make investments in various currencies. Therefore, the accepted currency list and token list must be updated as needed.

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    Providing the Solution

    Eventually, they will confirm that all the futures and functions are there and operating properly before delivering the solution.

    Indeed, providing a perfect, well-created solution that complies with all requirements will be their highest priority. 

    At Oodles, we offer a wide range of crypto exchange platform development services, including derivatives exchanges, hybrid exchanges, and P2P platforms.

    Connect with our team of skilled crypto exchange developers for more information on how to get started with a p2p crypto exchange platform development. 

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