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Published : Mar 14, 2022


  • Metaverse is gaining popularity, especially after Facebook renamed itself ‘Meta.’ The popularity of this digital world has led to the rise of many platforms offering blockchain development services for the metaverse. Many developers have created various metaverses on different blockchain-based platforms. An example of a metaverse powered by blockchain development services is Solice, which is the first cross-platform virtual reality (VR) metaverse on the Solana blockchain. It is an interconnected metaverse of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), communities, and virtual worlds. It provides its users with a unique experience of a VR world. Let us dive deeper into this enticing topic and understand more about it:

    What is Solice

    Solice is an open three-dimensional (3D) space where users can play, build, own, socialize, and monetize virtual experiences. It provides an infrastructure to support a shared virtual world. The main goal of developing Solice is to improve the overall user experience and connectivity through interoperability across the metaverse. This 3D space enables users to invite and connect with their families and friends. Additionally, it removes the barrier of different hardware, software, and operating systems.

    Apart from owning LAND spaces, players can monetize in-game collectibles like pets, gemstones, and other NFTs. Consequently, they can create assets, games, places, and 3D static objects on their purchased LAND plots. Since developers have built Solice on a blockchain platform, it stores ownership details of all the assets in a decentralized ledger.

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    How does the Solice Work

    Solice provides a Solice ID to its users. This ID will give access to this metaverse. People can integrate their wallets with Solice IDs for identification without revealing any unnecessary details. 

    This metaverse gives maximum freedom to its users. DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) controls and manages the working of Solice. Solice native token (SLC) holders can participate in voting under this organization.

    What does the Solice Comprise

    Solice offers the following components:


    An avatar is a digital representation of a user in Solice. Every avatar has a pre-made appearance and animation set. 

    People can make changes to purchased avatars later on. They can modify avatars with various compatible assets. It enables users to have distinct avatars in this virtual world.

    LAND and Assets

    LAND and assets are Solana-based digital tokens representing physical objects and parcels in Solice. They permit users to own a piece of metaverse and host content. 

    Solice has a fixed amount of physical space called LAND (scarce). Players can buy them to create and monetize various activities. It comes with prebuilt terrains, but the owner can change it.

    An NFT represents a LAND parcel that people can purchase with SLC. However, users cannot purchase common spaces, roads, and arenas. Developers hold the ownership rights of these spaces.


    A pet is a virtual representation of a real-world pet. Similar to LAND and assets, pets, too, are Solana-based tokens. They are visible in the LAND or can follow their owners in the metaverse. Each pet comes with a different rarity level. This factor influences the chances of obtaining rare items, including gemstones or eggs. Rare eggs will hatch into new pets with various rarities. Additionally, users can sell these eggs directly in the Solice marketplace. 


    Solice will install a play-to-earn mechanism at later stages in which players can earn SLC, rare assets, and upgrade items by completing metaverse quests. It encourages users to participate in the game and maintain traction.

    Crafting system

    Users get components and materials within the Solice metaverse. They can craft whole NFT assets using those components. This crafting results in increasing the rarity and scarcity of these assets.


    A marketplace is an exchange center for virtual assets in Solice. It lets users experience objects in 3D VR. As a result, it grants potential buyers a more immersive and customer-centric experience. Users can sell anything and everything in this marketplace. For instance, people can buy land plots, pets, special avatars, buildings, pet eggs, gemstones, raw materials, crafted items, and more.

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    What are the Benefits of Solice

    The following are the benefits of Solice:

    LAND Staking

    Users can stake their SLC tokens on their LANDS to earn rewards. 

    LAND staking also increases their chances of getting rare materials. Owners can utilize their materials to create rare scarce assets or increase the rarity level of their existing assets. Then, they can sell those assets in the marketplace.

    Use-Design Revenue Model

    Within the metaverse, solice permits users to design their revenue generation model. For example, a LAND owner can rent his space to an artist to showcase his digital art gallery inside the metaverse. And the artist can impose an entrance fee on the visitors. The whole model will generate revenue for the property owner and artist.

    Powered by Solana Blockchain

    Developers created Solice on the Solana platform, a popular blockchain platform. It offers benefits, like a transaction speed of 65,000 tps (transactions per second) and a transaction finality of 13 seconds.

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    Solice gives users an immersive feeling while exploring this metaverse. People can explore this virtual world in ways similar to the physical world. They only need a VR headset to step into this digital world. 

    If you want to develop a metaverse similar to Solice, then Oodles Blockchain can help you. Connect with us today to avail the metaverse development services.

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