Best Hyperledger Projects for Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

Published : Aug 05, 2021

best hyperledger projects for enterprise blockchain solutions

  • Hyperledger app development offers a comprehensive set of blockchain frameworks, libraries, and tools for creating enterprise business process management solutions. Its permissioned design provides businesses with exactly what they require: complete control over access to their confidential information. However, the Linux Foundation's Hyperledger initiative takes center stage in the workplace.  

    Continue reading to learn about the most popular Hyperledger projects that are already up and running. Also, find out how businesses are using them to create solutions that improve and streamline business operations.

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    A list of the Most Crucial Hyperledger Projects

    Hyperledger Burrow as a portal to Ethereum

     Hyperledger Burrow serves as a link between typical Ethereum smart contracts, which are currently commonly used to build decentralized apps, and the advantages of permissioned architecture in corporate settings. It allows the network to be divided into subnets and many chains to be run at the same time. Businesses can build sophisticated systems with different roles and personalize access rights to their assets, specialist knowledge, and resources in this fashion. The network could be divided into subsidiaries or even commercial partners, with open data shared while confidential information of each party is preserved.

     Burrow uses the Ethereum Virtual Machine to process transactions and execute smart contracts (EVM). The convenience of developing apps in a familiar EVM environment benefits more than just developers. Businesses benefit as well, as their blockchain systems become fully interoperable with the wide range of services provided by Ethereum decentralized apps. 

    Burrow's rapid transaction speed, provided by a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus engine, is another strength. PoS eliminates the need for time-consuming mining and, as a result, lowers the expensive price of massive processing power. It is built on the Tendermint protocol, which is a byzantine, fault-tolerant system that relies on a group of trustworthy parties, or "validators," who vote to validate transactions and protect the network's integrity.

    Finally, firms seeking simplicity, great performance, and scalability might consider the Hyperledger initiative. It can be used for a wide range of applications, from supply chain management to digital document management.

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    Fabric Hyperledger and its Great Flexibility

    Hyperledger Fabric is a plug-and-play platform with a lot of flexibility. Perhaps this is why it is so popular among businesses, with prominent brands like IBM, Amazon, and Walmart using it to develop blockchains.

    The platform's use of container technology to run all of its components, including its native smart contracts – dubbed "chaincode" – is what makes it so adaptable. Containers make it simple to select out the parts and build your blockchain, whereas chaincode allows you to combine individual smart contracts or manage rules for specific business operations. You can apply these groups or sets of rules to different jobs or situations once you've developed them.

     Hyperledger Fabric allows you to create channels to implement various levels of privacy. Organizations ('peers') that have registered on the network can enter channels and conduct private transactions that do not need to be made public if privacy is desired.

    Discounts, sales, and special offers are examples of situations where private channels are required. Business logic and permissions can be defined by assigning Chain Codes to channels.

     Even better, the platform allows you to choose the consensus or even create your consensus implementation to find the greatest fit for the chain's relationships. Hyperledger Fabric is a prominent blockchain platform for any sort of organization due to its great versatility.

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    Decentralized Identity with Hyperledger Indy

     Hyperledger Indy is a set of pluggable components, frameworks, and tools for building blockchain-based digital identification solutions. Because the platform was created expressly for these types of projects, it has the potential to save businesses a lot of money and speed up deployment.

     The Hyperledger project contains all of the tools needed to create a shield that protects identifiable data from malicious assaults and data breaches.

     Through a private blockchain subnet, the platform provides distinct storage for digital identification. As a result, users on the public chain can manage permissions and grant access to their credentials or other personal information as needed. This technology enables companies and people to easily share private information.

     Hyperledger Indy provides the foundation for creating decentralized identities that adhere to regulations, standards, and criteria in a variety of settings, including workflows, organizations, and multiple jurisdictions. It facilitates the construction of an ecosystem that binds actors from diverse industries together and allows them to securely communicate information without fear of fraud or theft.

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    Hyperledger Iroha has a lot of Cool Features

    Although advertised as a general-purpose blockchain, Hyperledger Iroha is notably well-suited for developing digital payment systems, inter-bank settlement solutions, and logistics platforms. The technology already has features like cash processing and communication between the blockchain and mobile backends pre-programmed.

     The built-in commands in Iroha for producing, burning, and transferring digital currency, as well as maintaining numerous accounts, make it simple to implement financial payment solutions. They eliminate the requirement for smart contracts to be implemented in these apps, which speeds up development and lowers costs.

    The platform's powerful permissioned design enables the user to manage access and set limitations for all network commands, searches, and operations. Hyperledger Iroha is proven to be a beautiful platform for enterprise blockchain development, thanks to its basic design that uses only the needed components and a modular approach. 

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    Surprising Performance of Hyperledger Sawtooth

    Hyperledger Sawtooth is a blockchain architecture that separates the network's basic functionality from the application logic. The API between these layers makes it simple to define and deploy new features without knowing anything about blockchain design. 

    The platform, like most Hyperledger projects, takes a modular approach with several plug-and-play consensus methods. The Sawtooth consensus model is based on its Proof of Elapsed Time (PoET) method, which is substantially more efficient than standard approaches. PoET uses a random number generator running in protected memory space designated by Intel's SGX CPU architecture to select the network node that completes block formation. 

    The PoET consensus speeds up network activities, but it's a clever scheduler that divides transactions into parallel flows that truly makes Hyperledger Sawtooth shine. This significantly improves performance while also guaranteeing that transactions are not duplicated. 

    The platform's connection with Hyperledger Burrow is another appealing feature. In essence, this opens a window to the Ethereum Virtual Machine and connects Sawtooth to a massive decentralized app ecosystem. The platform enables the development of private chains, making it ideal for businesses that need to keep secret data safe from prying eyes.

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    Enterprise Transformation with Hyperledger projects and Oodles

    Setting up and implementing these enterprise-grade solutions, on the other hand, demands the skills of an experienced Hyperledger development team at Oodles. We are excited to work with you on your next project and help you revolutionize your business with next-generation blockchain technology.

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