Blockchain for Healthcare Supply Chain Visibility

Published : Aug 11, 2019

Blockchain in healthcare supply chain visibility

  • Rising global costs and the fragmented nature of the healthcare supply chain create several challenges like visibility, counterfeits, product tracking, and more. The healthcare industry needs efficient solutions that can streamline supply chain operations and processes in a cost-effective manner. Leading businesses are exploring blockchain for healthcare supply chain visibility to achieve efficiencies and gain better control over their supply chains. 

    This blog post gives a high-level overview of using blockchain for healthcare to achieve transparency and end-to-end visibility. 

    Supply Chain Visibility


    Visibility in healthcare is essential to maintain the authenticity of drugs and medical equipment. The authenticity of pharmaceutical products that reach consumers through undefined routes can be questionable.

    Pharmaceutical companies need solutions to trace and track product information like ownership records, transaction history, packaging configurations, and storage conditions for efficient and safe product management. 

    Key visibility drivers in healthcare include the need to:

    • Deal with counterfeits
    • Manage product recalls
    • Ensure offshore manufacturing quality
    • Manage paperwork and hidden admin costs

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    A blockchain-based track-and-trace application can enhance visibility throughout the entire supply chain. It can provide several benefits like better operational monitoring, quicker settlements of transactions, and more accurate detection of counterfeit products. 

    Here are the key benefits of implementing blockchain for supply chain visibility:  

    • Effective tracking of the chain of products, from manufacturers, distributors, and pharmacies to the patient
    • Complete visibility into product movement and distribution
    • Significant wastage and cost reduction attributed to low demand with enhanced drug track-and-traceability 
    • Automation of warehousing or distribution activities
    • Capability to make bulk purchases directly from manufacturers

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    For instance, we can use the NEM blockchain to establish a single version of the truth database to gain end-to-end visibility and control. NEM blockchain-based applications can store interactions, timestamps, and transaction details in a tamper-proof manner on a distributed ledger. They can also make the process of drug shipment handover and proof-of-delivery (PoD) verifiable for all network participants. 

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    Looking for a Blockchain Development Company

    You can implement blockchain solutions in your healthcare business with the assistance of a blockchain development service provider like Oodles. Our blockchain developers give efficient blockchain-based services to improve healthcare supply chain visibility.

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