E-commerce development in the metaverse

e-commerce development in metaverse

  • Technology has changed everything the way we connect, live, shop, and many more. It has transformed the ways retail businesses explore worldwide through high digitalization using e-commerce.

    With technological use, the purchasing of goods over the Internet was first introduced, and there is an immense difference between the digital world and the real world.

    The metaverse finally arrives and the ever-ending network possibility of shared and interactive spaces that could function. It is an add-on to the live digital sales channel, ahead of becoming an ecosystem in its own right. The concept of the metaverse and its digital experience is taking the world by storm, and it is not a standalone concept or innovation. It’s an innovation of a new age blend like AR, VR, NFTs, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrencies. Also, all these innovations come together to create a unique virtual space that provides real-time and real-life experiences. Thus, we will look at the real-time transformation of commerce, governance, and trade in a big way.

    The e-commerce development in the metaverse experience is likely to change entirely and forever because of two different concepts like digital commerce and trading in digital products. Also, for the new form of commerce market and digital ownership NFTs and blockchain frameworks will make the way. At its core, for ownership transfer and information exchange or/and product from one platform to another, metaverse owns the fundamental principle of interoperability.

    The evolvement of E-commerce development in Metaverse

    Now the metaverse is already taking shape, with commerce as a prime part of its motive. So, for prepare what the new e-commerce realm will look like and for the following development brand can prepare:

    AR and VR innovation

    Both technologies are the latest iteration of interactive content that brands find to give innovative experiences. According to the CAGR prediction, the global augmented reality and mixed reality at 79.2%. Some companies like Amazon introduce a Room Decorator tool permitting customers to visualize furniture in their own space.

    Still, we have to look true potential of AR and VR fractionally, the participation, hardware, and technology required have been bulky and expensive. Thus, some brands like Meta offer VR headsets and similar technology at a lower cost. It provides a signal that these technologies will become more accessible and will turn lead to critical mass adoption.


    The personalized customer demand is growing, and a survey in 2021 shows that 71% of customers expect personalized experiences from brands. And the survey also states that 76% will be frustrated without it. For one2one interaction with staff and engagement opportunities like live shopping, Brads are looking ways to offer targeted promotions, relevant products, or service recommendations.

    Moreover, the personalized customer experience will take over metaverse to the next level. Also, with no barrier from the physical world, customers can interact with brands in the digital world. The customer can visit a virtual store anywhere and anytime they like. Also, brands are looking for new experience types, like virtual games where players can win points to redeem for digital apparel. Apart from this, many companies are experimenting with metaverse technology and its uses to customize shopper experiences at scale.

    Expanded social commerce

    Nowadays, buying products on social media platforms direct is very popular, and the prediction is that by 2025 it will reach $1.2 trillion worldwide. At present many brands are adopting several tools to enable purchasing directly on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, and metaverse is likely planning to include new platforms where brands will have the opportunity to sell.

    Now, we can’t judge what those platforms will look like, and we know to keep their social shop up to the mark with the latest inventory and e-commerce information that brands will need a tool in place. Also, to ensure the best service to customers on whatever platform they select, the Brands can prepare a chatbox. It will offer customer care directly within the social media platform.

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    What e-commerce development in the metaverse is preparing for the next phase?

    The metaverse development will definitely span the next decade and evolve many times. For the preparation of a new online interaction era, from now the brands will start investing in AR and VR, social commerce, and other tools. It will provide seamless, omnichannel, and personalized experiences.

    Moreover, in this next frontier of commerce, the brands that started their journey with metaverse today will lead the pack, and metaverse development will lead them to the next level. As you see, e-commerce development in metaverse will transform shopping from 2D static products into real-time experiences. It enables the customers to walk around a store and enjoy a 3D-rendered store display. Let us look at a few concepts that metaverse will explore:

    Higher profitability

    The interaction of people is more in 3D tested products, and the studies show that they are willing to invest as much as 40% for the product. The advanced product visualization in the metaverse, customers will be able to make better-informed purchasing decisions. It could lead to a higher profit margin for brands.

    Stronger community engagement

    To make customers actively take part in your brand activities, these could build a more mutual relationship that stays in touch. It also shows what fans want from your brands. After knowing this, you can drop an exclusive product launch, as per fan needs in the metaverse.

    Global reach

    The metaverse will allow you to handle your metaverse store, which will be available for virtual shopping to your customers. It can be located anywhere in the world as of Day1!

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    In the current era, the virtual world is no more sci-fi things! through, innovative blockchain technology, NFTs, and extended reality, the metaverse is about to bring revolutanory change in e-commerce. Also, it has made the shopping experience more personalized, immersive, and interactive. Thus, the current picture shows that the virtual world is the next big thing in the future, requiring e-commerce businesses to participate in a big game.

    At Oodles blockchain, our experts assist you with E-commerce development in the metaverse. Please feel free to share your E-commerce development requirement with our subject matter experts.

Published on : Jun 09, 2022

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