How to Develop Play-to-Earn Game in Sandbox

Published : Jun 15, 2022

play-to-earn game in Sandbox

  • There has been a significant transformation in the gaming world with the introduction of play-to-earn games. These games generate more profits for both developers as well as players. Since the rise of these games, many platforms have come up with better features, tokenomics, and game mechanics. One such platform is The Sandbox, a virtual gaming world based on the Ethereum blockchain. It enables users to create, buy, own, and monetize gaming experiences. This article will focus on the varied features and benefits of The Sandbox. 

    What is The Sandbox?

    As already mentioned, The Sandbox is a decentralized metaverse on the Ethereum blockchain. Animoca Brands started the Sandbox project in 2011. Back then, the company was creating games for mobile devices. In 2018, the company ventured into blockchain technology and connected it with the gaming world. The concept was to build a metaverse 3D with NFT collectibles and utility tokens of The Sandbox - SAND, an ERC20 token. 

    The Sandbox provides free tools for creating the ASSETS, which use the ERC-1155 token standard. In The Sandbox ecosystem, players can build in the game and trade their ASSETS. There is a record for every transaction in the blocks. So, players do not need the permission of developers to own the gaming assets. Game enthusiasts can play Sandbox games, and completing the tasks will enable them to gain the platform's official cryptocurrency. Players can utilize the SAND token for in-game purchases as well.

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    How does The Sandbox work?

    The entire world of The Sandbox became possible with smart contracts of the Ethereum network. Voxedit is software that made it possible to generate a 3D world. This animation and 3D modeling program help in making voxel-based assets. Ethereum and Voxedit give The Sandbox the ability to host millions of people, build a dynamic metaverse, and create a big market and distinct economic ecosystem. 

    Besides Voxedit, The Sandbox consists of Sandbox Marketplace and Sandbox Game Maker. The Sandbox Marketplace is a virtual place for publishing and selling assets. Moreover, Sandbox Game Maker lets users make 3D games for free. 

    The Sandbox works on a hybrid structure. The centralized server keeps the servers that give the visual effects. The decentralized network of blockchain technology (e.g., IPFS) stores the logic of collectibles, tokens, and related data. This model empowers both developers as well as players. 

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    Play-to-Earn Game in The Sandbox

    Play-to-earn is a primary element of The Sandbox interface. It lets players enjoy a whole new virtual world while simultaneously making money out of it. In The Sandbox metaverse, players create their ASSETS (different elements or voxels) using Voxedit. Then, they can place their assets in the Sandbox Marketplace. They can sell their ASSETS as NFTs. Users need to have SAND to make any purchase in this marketplace. Additionally, users can use cryptocurrency to purchase virtual real estate called LAND. Players can utilize these LAND for storing their ASSETS and games. Moreover, users can also generate income by renting their LAND to other users. 

    Furthermore, people can build and monetize games using the Sandbox Game Maker. They do not need to know how to code to work with the tool. It is due to the visual scripting tools that let a user create games in minutes. 

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    What Makes the Play-to-earn Game in The Sandbox Safe for Investment?

    Play-to-Earn game in The Sandbox uses blockchain technology. As a result, no one can deny your investments. The company itself has no say when it comes to gaming protocols and laws. Animoca Brands has made The Sandbox with a prime focus on a decentralized gaming environment. Consequently, users are the ones who can make the changes. Compared to conventional games, the Sandbox can quickly grow and adapt to the changing gaming environment. Furthermore, the SAND token is not just a cryptocurrency of The Sandbox but also a governance asset. Thereby, it lets users make decisions about their project’s progress. 

    All these features make the play-to-earn game in The Sandbox unique and a safe investment option. 

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    The Sandbox is an interactive digital world in which people can show their creativity and get rewards. The fact is that you can earn money through games and content creation is an added advantage. The popularity of The Sandbox will only grow due to its varied characteristics. 

    If you plan to develop a play-to-earn game like Sandbox, then Oodles blockchain can assist you with the development. We provide expert services to assist you in acquiring your goal. Share your requirements with our metaverse and blockchain experts.

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