Initial Game Offering (IGO) Launchpad Development

Published : Jun 21, 2022

initial game offering

  • The initial game offering (IGO) is a type of crowdfunding concept for blockchain and non-financial token (NFT)-based games. Fundamentally, IGOs decrease the entry hurdle for investors in the gaming industry. They do so by allowing them to secure in-game assets and tokens before they are available to the general public. Further, investors put their money into IGO launchpads' gaming initiatives and expect significant returns after a project's listing on major crypto exchanges or when it achieves traction in the growing gaming community. IGOs are an entirely new domain enabled by blockchain app development offered by a blockchain development company.

    What is IGO (Initial Game Offering)?

    An IGO, as previously stated, is a method utilized by blockchain game developers to crowdfund an early-stage game. Early investors get rewarded with valuable in-game goods and tokens at a significant discount before the public auction.

    Indeed, IGOs are different from ICOs. They mainly focus on the gaming industry. Developers can directly solicit financing from their audience by providing their gaming projects through an IGO. Subsequently, the growing popularity of this type of launchpad has fueled explosive growth in the blockchain gaming industry.

    The Fundraising Model for the Initial Gaming Offering

    The initial gaming offering (IGO) is a type of funding developed exclusively for non-traditional gaming projects. It's similar to other well-known crypto fundraising techniques such as ICO, IEO, IDO, etc. IGO, in layman's terms, is a new game funding idea that uses an IGO launchpad to get a game off the ground. Additionally, investors analyze the project and join the IGO in exchange for in-game assets or tokens if it appears promising. Eventually, as the effort grows, early adopters or investors gain benefits from the assets they control.

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    What is an IGO launchpad, and how does it work?

    IGO launchpads bring together innovative fundraising ideas and investors. An IGO launchpad is a site where early-stage blockchain gaming initiatives can raise funds. Investors purchase an IGO launchpad's native token and use it to fund contributions to the IGOs of their choice.

    Users must either lock their tokens in a pool or stake them to invest in the project. However, that depends on the Launchpad platform. The participants then get in-game asset tokens or NFTs, which they must use to play the game. GameFi, Seedify Fund, TrustPad, and BinanceNFT are some of the most popular IGO launchpads.

    Features In IGO Launchpad

    Integration with a digital wallet

    Pay people or businesses securely in any currency from any location on the planet. Allow recipients to choose how they want their payments to be delivered.

    Scam-Prevention Measures

    Measures to prevent scams make your IGO launchpad more trustworthy. Incorporate anti-scam tactics that track proxy habits and other factors.

    Flow trading 

    Cooling times are no longer an issue with flow trading. Flow trading comes in use on the launchpad since there is no need to wait for transaction execution.


    You may acquire users' trust by making everything entirely transparent to them. Thus, the source code should be available for public scrutiny and verification.

    Various Staking Models

    Our IGO launchpad generates several staking modules that enable all users to participate in IGOs, thereby building an ecosystem for them.

    Automated Liquidity Pool

    Allows you to connect your IGO launchpad to an automated liquidity pool, and thus, allowing investors to contribute funds in exchange for yields.

    KYC (Know Your Customer)

    A top IGO Launchpad Development Company's use of a KYC in the IGO Launchpad guarantees privacy and prevents fraudulent activities.

    Compliance Across the Chain

    We offer a decentralized cross-chain fundraising platform that allows projects to raise funds while ensuring the protection of early-stage investors.

    Support for Multiple Chains

    A Multi-chain IGO launchpad must support multiple crypto wallets. With our multi-chain IGO launchpad solution, you may create an efficient crowdfunding site.

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    Native Token Creation for Initial Game Offering Launchpad

    For your IGO launchpad, a native token is built-in digital money. Launching a native token for your platform improves the user experience while accelerating the growth of your launchpad. A native token is primarily responsible for drawing contributions to your platform's liquidity pool. It can also come in use as a governance token, enabling token holders to vote on gaming projects listed on the launchpad. Further, it can also work as the primary token for all transactions, increasing the token's liquidity and, as a result, its value.

    Development of the IGO launchpad

    Individuals can establish IGO launchpads to create their crypto game funding platforms. While the IGO platforms are more well-known, whitelisting a game can be a lengthy process.

    The most cost-effective way for game producers to control which blockchain games they wish to fundraise for is to create their own IGO launchpad.

    This approach might help a game developer to create their IGO platform, similar to Binance NFT, TrustSwap, or EnjinStarter. The construction of the IGO launchpad aims to create an open network where blockchain games can raise funding.

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    Popular Crypto Gaming Launchpads

    Binance NFT

    Binance NFT is a cryptocurrency exchange where users may generate and trade NFTs. IGOs on Binance NFT provide access to in-game assets that aren't available anywhere else. The company adopts a subscription structure to ensure that all users have an equal opportunity to participate in Binance NFT's IGOs.

    NFTs are available using a public and transparent algorithmic selection process, ensuring that all users get equal opportunities. Also, each blockchain game project's details are readily available within the IGO. Investors can learn more about a project while getting to know the crew.

    Why use Oodles to create an IGO launchpad?

    IGO Development creates a gaming launchpad for players who want to buy gaming assets. Indeed, the creation of game launchpads can be a good business opportunity. Offering incentives to players who come up with fresh ideas and investors interested in investing in IGO launchpads could result in a significant investment.

    We at Oodles can help you build popular IGO launchpads like GameStarter, Seedify, GameFi, and others. We are a well-known blockchain development company with clients all around the world.

    If you want to create an IGO launchpad, talk to one of our blockchain experts about what you'll need.

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