Phygital NFT | Combining the Physical and Digital World

Published : Apr 17, 2023

Phygital NFTs

  • There have been a variety of reactions to NFTs since they were first introduced. NFT supporters assert that they add value to previously unprofitable businesses, while detractors contend that it is ineffective and wastes money. NFTs still have a long way to go before they can persuade doubters, even though their arguments have been gradually answered over the years. While some people have come to appreciate NFT development services for what they can contribute to the virtual world, others have written them off because they have no real-world uses. Now, the physical and virtual worlds are being joined together via a new kind of NFT. The term "phygital NFTs" refers to this sort of NFT. 

    The idea of phygital NFTs is examined in this article along with how they connect physical and digital assets.

    What are Phygital NFTs?

    Physical and digital components are combined to create an experience with phygital NFTs.

    With a twist, these tokens can represent conventional physical commodities like artwork or antiques.

    The NFT will be a permanent record of ownership and legitimacy that exists both in the real world and on the blockchain.

    Therefore, collectors can enjoy the best of both worlds by owning and storing their tokens both physically and online.

    The way we buy and trade actual commodities could potentially be completely changed by this new type of non-fungible tokens. Due to their immutable nature on the blockchain, they are more secure than conventional means of purchasing and selling products because no one can steal or counterfeit them. Additionally, non-fungible tokens might offer stronger authentication, giving collectors confidence in the legitimacy of the tokens they are purchasing.

    Actual NFTs provide a stronger sense of ownership and connection to actual items in addition to being more secure. The ability for holders and collectors to preserve their tokens physically as well as digitally might give them a special sense of ownership. By providing access to view digital information about their tokens, such as their provenance and history, these digital tokens can also forge a deeper bond with the tangible things they represent.

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    How to Do Physical NFTs Function?

    Phygital NFTs function by fusing the physical and digital worlds, as we previously mentioned. A digital coin called the NFT itself lives on a decentralized ledger like the Ethereum blockchain. The virtual token will have all the data on the asset it stands for on this ledger. This reveals who owns it, how much it is worth, and other significant facts.

    It needs a distinctive identifier to link the non-fungible token with its physical counterpart. Anything from a QR code to an implanted microchip maybe this. When we alter a token's specifications, such as when we buy or sell it, the physical counterpart will also be affected.  The metadata for the digital token will also be updated.

    Phygital digital tokens serve as a link between the physical and digital worlds in this manner.

    Non-fungible tokens may end up being the only form of ownership as they gain popularity. Owners may safely and conveniently track their assets thanks to them. 

    It's an exciting advancement in the blockchain community that has the potential to completely change how individuals own and manage physical goods.

    All of the characteristics distinguish phygital NFTs from standard tokens by offering a solid ownership record for tangible goods.

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    How Do Phygital NFTs Affect Brands? 

    Brands can benefit specifically from using non-fungible tokens in phygital activations as opposed to conventional tokens. Here are a few strategies brands can use to benefit from physical NFTs.

    Fostering Client Loyalty

    Brands have the chance to foster a feeling of community and thank loyal customers through phygital NFTs. They can also be used by brands to provide customers special access and deals on tangible products or services.

    Creating Additional Revenue

    With unique, one-of-a-kind digital assets that are valuable as collectibles, non-fungible tokens can monetize user involvement. They can also produce digital assets that buyers and sellers can trade on online markets.

    Increased Visibility

    Brands can distinctively promote awareness of their offerings with the help of phygital NFTs.

    By doing this, companies can create excitement around the introduction of new products and draw in more clients.

    In general, phygital non-fungible tokens provide a unique and entertaining approach to engaging customers with brands.

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    Phygital Use Cases Specific to Industry


    Phygital NFTs can be used to represent valuable goods like priceless paintings or limited-edition timepieces. This might open up a new market for investors and collectors to acquire and sell these objects online.


    The usage of phygital NFTs as digital and physical tickets for events or transportation is possible. Offering a more streamlined and secure this type of NFT ticketing procedure can prevent fraud and enhance user experience.


    Phygital NFTs can be utilized in video games to represent in-game items like virtual goods or real estate. As well as offering a more secure way to maintain ownership of these objects, this may help develop a new market where players may buy and trade these assets.

    Digital Identity

    Digital identifiers like usernames and avatars can be represented using phygital NFTs. As a result, consumers in the cryptocurrency sector may benefit from a more secure and personalized identity system.

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    Between the real and virtual worlds, there can be fewer separations thanks to phygital NFTs. These digital assets are getting ever closer to fusing two worlds into one seamless user experience with each passing day. With phygital NFTs, there are countless future possibilities, which is why they are growing in popularity right now. Additionally, it goes beyond the blockchain experience in the real world, which is, groundbreaking.

    Also, if you want to know more about this emerging concept or get started with it, consider connecting with our NFT development experts.

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