Qurrex The Next-generation exchange with a multifunctional Hybrid Architecture

Published : Mar 25, 2022

Qurrex The next generation exchange

  • At present, Blockchain development and its functioning is cutting across many boundaries with a motto to decentralize everything that was centralized in the past. It grabs centralized holders' power and moves it to the general masses who should yield to this power.

    There are several dozens of crypto exchanges available today, and among all, some of them are altogether popular. Also, the use of their resources is by users from all over the world, even though all the popular projects are centralized. So the idea of a decentralized exchange in the air makes to do this. Although, merging both centralized (CEX) and decentralized (DEX) nodes into one sustainable, auditable, and reliable crypto trading platform is the concept behind bringing Qurrex. But, the question that arises in everyone's mind is why there is all the hype around the Qurrex? So, let us take a quick glance at what is Qurrex crypto exchange concept is and why this exchange project succeed.

    What exactly the Qurrex exchange is?

    Qurrex is the world's first multifunctional crypto exchange that integrates the decentralized network with centralized nodes. It provides institutional-grade services. The ambitious goal of the Qurrex project is to provide a hybrid infrastructure. Thus, it will solve the problem of limited liquidity on decentralized trading platforms. They provide a speed of operation compared to traditional stock exchanges.

    Moreover, the creation of Qurrex is the most interesting, and simplest mode of cryptocurrency exchange known to be a next-generation platform. The vision of Qurrex is to integrate crypto mining pools and cryptocurrency brokers with clients. Also, it integrates individual cryptocurrency holders and other crypto players into a single network infrastructure. In 2017 the emergence of Qurrex take placed by the Fintech-based company out of the Netherlands and the Cayman Islands. And, in the traditional stock exchange integration, the Qurrex USP lies. Thus it is possible because of years of experience with the digital infrastructure of the crypto economy.

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    How does the Qurrex work?

    The Qurrex hybrid exchange platform is at the top of its game to become a multifunctional exchange. It is with high-performance architecture from the leading international trading platform and the next generation of crypto trading. Let us see some points that show how this platform works:-

    It has international exchange platforms.

    Users need to register their accounts on the exchange platform.

    It can handle millions of connections without any data loss. To provide the most accurate market trading, buying, and selling with a core stock exchange module.

    Qurrex hybrid exchange platform is also known for its highly-developed practices in security services. Though, it includes hot wallets for storing cryptocurrency for trading and cold wallets for offline storage of coins.

    For trading, signals based on real-time market price updates also offer software solutions and data analytics content.

    It allows trade management for institutions and corporates.

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    Benefits of Qurrex hybrid exchange

    High Performance

    In Qurrex, the speed for 1 second processed up to 70 thousand transactions, and the delay does not exceed 650 milliseconds. The range is between initiating and executing operations. That means 5-10 times faster than in the existing crypto-exchange development market, and in Qurrex, data loss is zero.

    High Liquidity

    The Qurrex plan is to gain high liquidity through the cooperation of major liquidity providers. Thus the launching of the best tools there will be the site's internal use.

    Full Transparency

    In most cases, there is process formalization, and the company publishes its financial statement continuously. The reputed accounting firm completes the audit, and at any time, the traders can estimate the total amount of funds at the stock exchange.

    High Level of Security

    In this, the placing of cool wallets is in a safe place, and hot wallet insurance programs store crypto for trading.

    Fast and easy transactions gateways

    This process allows depositing and withdrawing fiat money and 24/7 support availability. It also allows an advanced interface, fast and responsive multilingual user support at any time, and more.

    Moreover, the unique feature of Qurrex believes that the project will be one of the lending gateways. It is for the mass entry of institutional stock exchange players into the crypto economy. Thus, we can say that for different kinds of users for its platform, such as investors, the goal of the Qurrex project is to attract them.

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    What are the core features of the Qurrex exchange?

    The hybrid exchange consists of the below-mentioned features:-

    This exchange platform is reliable for providing instant and accurate trades. The reliability is for all volumes of transactions.

    For entrepreneurs, who are willing to start their digital cryptocurrency exchange, this platform provides white-label services.

    Connect white-label cryptocurrency exchange to a single centralized exchange, it has a broker internalizer system.

    The decentralized stock exchanges of their own for crypto users can allow the buy and selling of different cryptocurrencies.


    One thing is clear we all should admit that the crypto market will only get to the next level of maturity if it adopts institutional traders. The design of the Qurrex hybrid exchange is to solve unidentified critical problems. That is to make mass involvement of professional participants in the cryptocurrency market. As a result, Qurrex emerged as the most secure crypto exchange. So, if you are willing to take more interest in hybrid exchange, feel free to connect with our Oodles Cryptocurrency exchange experts.

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