Why Develop a DApp | Is It Better Than A Traditional Web or Mobile App

Published : Feb 22, 2019

  • How long would it take for blockchain technology to experience mass adoption like the internet?

    Why are DApps becoming more popular than traditional apps?

    Why develop a DApp? 

    Well, it’s quite hard to answer all these questions in one go.

    However, given the recent advancements in the blockchain development arena, we may be able to see blockchain applications and use cases revamping the world around us soon.

    And, we, at Oodles, also believe that the distributed ledger technology is not going anywhere soon.

    One of the types of DLT, blockchain is becoming a source of value by providing businesses with enhanced security, transparency, and data storage.

    Additionally, there was another technology advancement in the blockchain ecosystem in 2015, the launch of Ethereum.

    It is open-source and offers an innovative way of developing decentralized applications (DApps).

    If you develop a DApp on the blockchain, it functions decentrally without involving an intermediary.

    In general terms, you need a suitable, open source blockchain platform like Ethereum, Hyperledger, TRON, or EOS to develop a DApp.

    If You Develop a DApp, You Get These Practical Business Benefits 

    Alongside increasing transparency and security, a decentralized application for your business can also increase transactions, bring more customers, and lower costs with juridic and accounting personnel.

    24/7 Transactions and Deals

    A DApp equipped with a blockchain smart contract can manage transactions or even conclude deal automatically at any time. And not in only business hours.

    Lower Costs

    After the blockchain DApp development, the processes get automated and self-executable. It means if involved parties in a transaction meet the terms and conditions of a contract, it needs no accounting staff or lawyers.

    Business Growth

    As DApps enhance your operational performance, the business can experience more transaction volume and customers.


    A DApp developed using an open source blockchain platform makes it tamper-proof and immutable. Thus, iincreasing security and preventing frauds.

    Another Blockchain Platform For Scalable DApps and Swift Transactions: Credits Blockchain Platform

    How Are Blockchain Platforms Like Ethereum and TRON Making DApps More Popular?

    Unlike the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin, developed specifically for digital payments, Ethereum aims to facilitate the token and applications development in its blockchain network.

    From cryptocurrency development to blockchain based smart real estate contracts, you can develop almost any type of custom blockchain project on Ethereum. Not only this but also build projects that can enhance your business performance.

    Such a combination of DApps and blockchain can provide almost every type of business with significant gain. Thus, we are saying DApps are not going anywhere.

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    Closing Thoughts

    If you want to develop a DApp on Ethereum or TRON, there’s no need to acquire an in-house team.

    By finding the right DApp development company or custom blockchain development firm like Oodles, you can have your stand-out customizable decentralized application. Not only would it add leverage to your business but also take it to new heights.

    Being a rapidly growing blockchain application development company, we think that DApps based on blockchain can provide the best solutions for business’ operational bottlenecks.  

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