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Blockchain revolution in healthcare sector
Blockchain In Healthcare: A Revolutionary Step
Healthcare is a big market around the globe. Professionals in health IT consider Blockchain as a medium to safely share medical records, secure vulnerable data from cyber attacks and provide patients control over their personal data.
Blockchain Cross-border payment platforms
How Blockchain Is Revamping The Cross-Border Payments
Blockchain has the potential to eliminate these issues and change the way cross-border payments are done. It is faster and provides greater visibility between two parties at a lower cost. A person in a blockchain network can see every single entry into the ledger of transactions.
Blockchain for Mining industry
Blockchain And The Mining Industry
In a nutshell, blockchain impacts the mining industry by securing the origin of raw materials and creating a liquid marketplace for unmined ore. In fact, when combined with other innovations in the field of IoT and trade finance, the possibilities with Blockchain will increase.
Blockchain-embedded smart property
What Is Blockchain Enabled Smart Property?
Smart property is the extension of a smart contract. It is that extension which has a smart interrelation with the objects. In simple words, a smart property is the ownership of a person over a property or an object that is managed and controlled via a Blockchain network.
Blockchain for digital asset management
What Can Blockchain Do For Digital Asset Management?
The importance of digital assets across the industries such as education, banking, finance, healthcare publishing, mining, etc is continuously growing. In this piece, you will get insights into how blockchain helps in effective digital asset management.
crypto exchange business
How To Get Success In Crypto Exchange Business Startup?
Are you wondering what it takes to create a successful cryptocurrency exchange business startup. What are the common risks you will encounter in cryptocurrency exchange business? All in all, you would need a professional guidance for making your crypto trading startup a success.
Blockchain with digital identity management
Benefits of Digital Identity Management With Blockchain
Digital identity is a part of our daily lives as it lets a user interact with any kind of online platform. In this blog, I will elaborate how blockchain backs up the digital identity management and what benefits it offers in the process of online identity management.
Peer To Peer Lending Using Blockchain technology
The Impact Of Blockchain Technology On Peer To Peer Lending
Blockchain technology has been extolled as a game changer for many industries. It is the backbone for most cryptocurrencies that transforms the whole world economy. The blog describes the impact of blockchain technology on Peer to Peer Lending platforms.
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