Why Choose a Whitelabel NFT Marketplace Solution

Published : Feb 04, 2022

Whitelabel Multi Chain NFT

  • A Whitelabel NFT marketplace is a ready-to-launch solution used by businesses to enter the market in no time. An NFT development company keeps such a solution previously created and extensively tested. However, it does allow for some customization as per client requirements. In addition to being much easier to integrate across various blockchains, a Whitelabel NFT marketplace platform offers various advantages over developing it from scratch.

    Whitelabel multichain NFT marketplace platforms enable owners to sell NFTs of artwork, music, movies, in-game assets, etc. similar to current marketplaces like OpenSea or Rarible. It can be an efficient option for your new business would be to use such a platform because it would be significantly less expensive and time-consuming than beginning from scratch.

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    Whitelabel NFT Marketplace

    Since the 2021 NFT boom, when the market cap of these digital tokens first surpassed $1 billion, there has been a significant surge in NFT marketplaces. To increase their earnings and reputation in the emerging market, several companies and businesses have started building and launching NFT marketplaces. As a result, there is now fierce competition, which will only get worse over time. Thus, a White label multi-chain NFT platform seems a profitable and wise alternative that offers several advantages.

    • It is a pre-coded solution built on top of an existing framework. It streamlines project development and lowers the amount of funding required.
    • The platform requires lesser time to test because the development team has already rectified the framework's challenges.
    • Clients can customize it to any extent because of its adaptability. They can develop a distinctive platform on top of recycled basic architecture.
    • Personalization can extend to choosing the blockchain for development, determining its capabilities, changing the popular blockchain and improving its current features, or even building wholly new functionality.
    • It reduces the time needed for the entire programming and debugging processes by only requiring time for a modification. The amount of modification affects how long it takes to produce a solution overall.
    • Because it only requires a few tools and drastically lowers the cost of development, this process is an excellent alternative for businesses that are just getting started and bitcoin companies.

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    Five features of a WhiteLabel NFT Marketplace

    A White Label NFT Marketplace can prove to be a better alternative than developing an NFT platform from scratch due to the benefits and features it offers. Launching a white-label NFT marketplace is less expensive and takes lesser time than building an NFT marketplace from scratch. The establishment of a Whitelabel NFT Marketplace will let the platform owners run a successful NFT business rapidly and profitably.

    NFT Minting

    The quickest and simplest way to create digital collectibles like NFTs is through NFT minting. Whitelabel NFT manufacturing is, in other words, the process of copying already existing digital assets. Using blockchain-based NFT minting Smarts contracts, owners can mint new NFTs. The Whitelabeled NFT minting platform from Oodles is simple to use by those who want to mint their digital assets.

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    NFT Staking

    NFT staking is the use of staking your NFTs to generate cryptocurrency income. The NFT holders can benefit from locking assets on DeFi systems. They are all free to maintain their NFT collections; they are not required to sell them.

    Participants in NFT staking, such as DeFi yield farming, get rewards through Proof of Stake (PoS). Users can receive incentives based on the annual percentage yield (APY) of their staked NFTs by locking up NFTs.

    NFT staking opens up new opportunities for NFTs that go far beyond the idea of merely collecting digital artworks.

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    Lazy Minting

    To lower the entrance barrier for NFT developers, Oodles offers "lazy minting" integration with the Whitelabel NFT marketplace. It enables them to produce NFTs without developing the feature from scratch.

    Additionally, NFT makers use the private key connected to their Ethereum account to create cryptographic signatures of certain pieces of data rather than directly running a contract function to create an NFT.

    An NFT's "ticket" or "voucher" is made up of signed data.  Vouchers may therefore contain additional data that is stored in the actual NFT rather than on the blockchain.

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    IPFS-NFT Storage

    The storage and addressing features of IPFS are particularly suitable for NFTs. For NFTs, the focus is on IPFS data storage so that both NFT authors and NFT owners can gain from a long-lasting experience.

    Multiple copies of the uploaded data are kept on the specialized IPFS servers used by Filecoin and NFT storage. Since IPFS is a standard that many other storage services use, you can store NFT storage data on any other IPFS-compatible storage solution, including extra storage networks like Arweave or Storj, or by pinning services to your own IPFS node. In the future, we can expect that NFT storage will become decentralized.

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    Multichain functions as a medium between many blockchains for cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens. Users can exchange tokens or liquidity on a Multichain NFT platform in a decentralized fashion. The Multichain Router will determine the best path to bridge your chosen currency.

    For coins with native tokens, a multichain NFT will transfer cryptocurrencies between different chains using liquidity pools.


    Future forecasts show that the Whitelabel NFT marketplace model will thrive and take control of the digital environment. It enables everyone to succeed in business by starting their own Whitelabel NFT marketplace. At Oodles, we offer turnkey NFT solutions to enable our clients to generate considerable economic momentum.

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