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Today, companies and blockchain developers are looking to yield the benefits of decentralized applications (DApps). Once implemented properly, DApps can help enhance some of the core features of applications dramatically, making them trustworthy and secure. And thus, there is an outburst of decentralized application development services.


Decentralized applications vary from traditional applications. They don’t rely on the standard client-server network model. In fact, the decentralized network model uses a network of nodes (computers) which are all equal participants in managing the network. Furthermore, the computation is executed at each node autonomously, all of which contain an entire record of all the transactions. And thus, the network allows a number of innovative functionalities that help benefit applications.

Potential features of a decentralized application:

  • Decentralized – No one is authorized to control power
  • Open Source – Code is free and available to everyone
  • Incentive – Crypto tokens can be used to reward network users/miners etc.
  • Protocol / Algorithm – For generating crypto tokens to reward network participants
  • Blockchain – Data is secured and stored cryptographically in a blockchain.


  • No single entity will have the control
  • Safer than client/server networks
  • Safekeep record of the complete database
  • Asks for the accordance of the entire network to redo written blocks
  • Cannot be affected or shut down by single outage/attack
  • No downtime
  • Increased trust

Why Choose Us for Decentralized Application Development Services?

Oodles Technologies is an India based IT firm. We specialize in offering world-class decentralized application development services. And, have gained enough expertise in developing top-tier private blockchains for enhancing and streamlining the workflow of a business. Also, we offer custom-tailored blockchain solutions for varied business needs.

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